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12022A Participatory Assessment of Perceived Neighbourhood Walkability in a Small Urban EnvironmentSaadi, Ismail; Aganze, Roger; Moeinaddini, Mehdi; Asadi-Shekari, Zohreh; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
22022Understanding the growing role of driving anger in the risk of traffic incidents involving Vietnamese motorcyclistsHiep Trung Bui; Saadi, Ismail; Torfs, Katrien; Moeinaddini, Mehdi; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
32022Applying Machine Learning to Explore Feelings about Sharing the Road with Autonomous Vehicles as a Bicyclist or as a PedestrianAsadi-Shekari, Zohreh; Saadi, Ismail; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
42021Effects of Climatic Conditions, Season and Environmental Factors on CO2 Concentrations in Naturally Ventilated Primary Schools in ChileDiaz, M; COOLS, Mario ; Trebilcock, M; Piderit-Moreno, B; Attia, SJournal ContributionA1
52021Assessing the Willingness to Use Personal e-Transporters (PeTs): Results from a Cross-National Survey in Nine European CitiesDE CEUNYNCK, Tim ; Wijlhuizen, Gert Jan; Fyhri, Aslak; Gerike, Regine; Koehler, Dagmar; Ciccone, Alice; Dijkstra, Atze; Dupont, Emmanuelle; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
62021Value-Based Approach to Assess the Impact of Lifestyles on Mode SharesVan Acker, Veronique; Sandoval, Sazkia; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
72021Analysis of the Determining Factors for the Renovation of the Walloon Residential Building StockRuellan, Guirec; COOLS, Mario ; Attia, ShadyJournal ContributionA1
82021Utilizing thermal comfort and walking facilities to propose a comfort walkability index (CWI) at the neighbourhood levelLabdaoui, Kahina; Mazouz, Said; Acidi, Abdlehak; COOLS, Mario ; Moeinaddini, Mehdi; Teller, JacquesJournal ContributionA1
92021The Street Walkability and Thermal Comfort Index (SWTCI): A new assessment tool combining street design measurements and thermal comfortLabdaoui, Kahina; Mazouz, Said; Moeinaddini, Mehdi; COOLS, Mario ; Teller, JacquesJournal ContributionA1
102020Applying non-parametric models to explore urban life satisfaction in European citiesMoeinaddini, Mehdi; Asadi-Shekari, Zohreh; Aghaabbasi, Mahdi; Saadi, Ismail; Shah, Muhammad Zaly; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
112020Proposing a new score to measure personal happiness by identifying the contributing factorsMoeinaddini, Mehdi; Asadi-Shekari, Zohreh; Aghaabbasi, Mahdi; Saadi, Ismail; Shah, Muhammad Zaly; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
122020Investigating on-road crash risk and traffic offences in Vietnam using the motorcycle rider behaviour questionnaire (MRBQ)Hiep Trung Bui; Saadi, Ismail; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
132020Evaluation of the potential of classic and electric bicycle commuting as an impetus for the transition towards environmentally sustainable cities: A case study of the university campuses in Liege, BelgiumNematchoua, ModesteKameni; Deuse, Caroline; COOLS, Mario ; Reiter, SigridJournal ContributionA1
142019Opportunities for reinforcing cross-border railway connections: the case of the Liege (Belgium) - Maastricht (the Netherlands) connectionChristmann, Nathalie; Mostert, Martine; Wilmotte, Pierre-Francois; Lambotte, Jean-Marc; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
152019Development and validation of a survey for well-being and interaction assessment by occupants in office buildings with adaptive facadesAtti, S.; Garat, S.; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
162019Exploring effective micro-level items for evaluating inclusive walking facilities on urban streets (applied in Johor Bahru, Malaysia)Asadi-Shekari, Zohreh; Moeinaddini, Mehdi; Aghaabbasi, Mandi; COOLS, Mario ; Shah, Muhammad ZalyJournal ContributionA1
172018An efficient hierarchical model for multi-source information fusionSaadi, Ismail; Farooq, Bilal; Mustafa, Ahmed; Teller, Jacques; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
182018Development trajectory of an integrated framework for the mitigation of future flood risk: results from the FloodLand projectSaadi, Ismaïl; Bruwier, Martin; Mustafa, Ahmed; Peltier, Yann; Archambeau, Pierre; Erpicum, Sébastien; Orban, Philippe; Dassargues, Alain; Dewals, Benjamin; Pirotton, Michel; Teller, Jacques; COOLS, Mario Journal ContributionA1
192017Identification of the determinants of fare evasionCOOLS, Mario ; Fabbro, Yannick; BELLEMANS, Tom Journal ContributionA1
202016Assessing the effect of traveler's nationality on daily travel time expenditure using zero-inflated negative binomial regression models: Results from the Belgian national household travel surveyHamed, E.; CREEMERS, Lieve ; COOLS, Mario Conference MaterialC2