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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12022Heritage in fragments: on spolia and other forms of preservation of architectural fragments through reusePLEVOETS, Bie Journal ContributionA1
22022"Lay down your heart" [bwaga moyo]: heritage as a driver for urban regeneration in the East-African stone town of BagamoyoVANDE KEERE, Nikolaas ; PLEVOETS, Bie ; WINKELS, Peggy ; MOSHA, Livin Journal ContributionA1
32022The fragmented interior: decomposition of the interior of the Generale Bank and its afterlifePLEVOETS, Bie Journal ContributionA1
42021An Inquiry into Intentional Values The Arenawijk in Antwerp – Renaat Braem’s Modernist Social Housing Ensemble as a Case StudyAUGUSTINIOK, Nadin ; MOORS, Marie ; PLEVOETS, Bie ; VAN CLEEMPOEL, Koenraad Journal ContributionA1
52021Z33 Hasselt: Hortus Conclusus as a Model for an Urban InteriorPLEVOETS, Bie ; Patel, ShailjaJournal ContributionA2
62021Imagined interiors -imagined collectionsPLEVOETS, Bie ; VAN CLEEMPOEL, Koenraad Journal ContributionA1
72021Juxtaposing inside and outside: façadism as a strategy for building adaptationPLEVOETS, Bie Journal ContributionA1
82020Sharing places: Articulating collectivity in the existing fabricPLEVOETS, Bie ; AUGUSTINIOK, Nadin Journal ContributionA2
92020Vernacular InterventionPLEVOETS, Bie Book SectionB3
102020De betalingsbereidheid van de Vlaming voor het behoud van bouwkundig en landschappelijk erfgoedLiekens, Inge; PLEVOETS, Bie ; LIZIN, Sebastien ; Dhallé, Kristof; Patyn, Johan; Vanhoutte, ChristineResearch ReportR1
112020The episcopal sports center: an opportunity to reuse the existing green place and to restore the relationship between Liège and its Meuse riverHogge, Adèle; PLEVOETS, Bie Proceedings PaperC1
122020Collective housing and adaptive reuse: Modern versus contemporary notions of collectivityMOORS, Marie ; PLEVOETS, Bie Journal ContributionA2
132020‘Wherever a Few Should Gather’ The Liturgical Movement and Vatican II as a Source for Architectural Transformation of Churches in the Context of Adaptive ReuseVANDE KEERE, Nikolaas ; PLEVOETS, Bie ; Goyvaerts, SamuelBook SectionB2
142020Adaptive Re-use in Conservation. On balancing monument and architectural valuesAUGUSTINIOK, Nadin ; PLEVOETS, Bie ; VAN CLEEMPOEL, Koenraad Proceedings PaperC1
152020Aemulatio und das vom Inneren ausgehende UmbaukonzepPLEVOETS, Bie ; VAN CLEEMPOEL, Koenraad Book SectionB2
162020Aemulatio and the interior approach of adaptive reusePLEVOETS, Bie ; VAN CLEEMPOEL, Koenraad Book SectionB2
172020Adaptive Reuse of Heritage: Observations from FlandersPLEVOETS, Bie Journal ContributionA1
182020Human Settlements and Architecture of Old Buildings in Historic Stone Towns – A Case of Bagamoyo TanzaniaMOSHA, Livin ; PLEVOETS, Bie Journal ContributionA1
192020‘Wherever a few should gather’:: The Liturgical Movement and Vatican II as a source for architectural transformation of churches in the context of adaptive reuseVANDE KEERE, Nikolaas ; PLEVOETS, Bie ; Goyvaerts, SamuelJournal ContributionA1
202019SINT-MARTINUS KERK Ontwerpend haalbaarheidsonderzoek n.a.l.v. de transformatie van de Sint-Martinuskerk voor nevenbestemmingBROEKX, Jo ; Schiepers, Marcella; HEYNICKX, Saidja ; VANDE KEERE, Nikolaas ; Verplaetse, Regis; PLEVOETS, Bie ; VAN CLEEMPOEL, Koenraad Research ReportR2