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ARAIN, Amber
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12021Uptake of hepatitis C virus screening and treatment in persons under opioid substitution therapy between 2008 and 2013 in BelgiumBUSSCHOTS, Dana ; ARAIN, Amber ; BIELEN, Rob ; KOC, Ozgur ; BRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; Rakhmawati, T; CORTEN, Kristoff ; Lebbe, C; Cornelis , K; Mathei, C; Buntinx , F; HENS, Niel ; ROBAEYS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
22019Hepatitis C care among persons who use or inject drugsARAIN, Amber Theses and DissertationsT1
32016Belgian experience with triple therapy with boceprevir and telaprevir in genotype 1 infected patients who inject drugsARAIN, Amber ; Bourgeois, S.; de Galocsy, C.; Henrion, J.; Deltenre, P.; d'Heygere, F.; George, C.; Bastens, B.; Van Overbeke, L.; Verrando, R.; BRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; Mathei, Catharina; Buntinx, F.; Van Vlierberghe, H.; Francque, S.; Laleman, W.; Moreno, C.; Janssens, F.; Nevens, F.; ROBAEYS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
42016Pilot Study: Combining Formal and Peer Education with FibroScan to Increase HCV Screening and Treatment in Persons who use DrugsARAIN, Amber ; De Sousa, Jessica; Corten, Kirsten; Verrando, Rita; THIJS, Herbert ; Mathei, Catharina; Buntinx, Frank; ROBAEYS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
52014Eligibility of persons who inject drugs for treatment of hepatitis C virus infectionARAIN, Amber ; ROBAEYS, Geert Journal ContributionA1
62014Hepatitis C in European prisons: a call for an evidence-informed responseARAIN, Amber ; ROBAEYS, Geert ; Stöver, HeinoJournal ContributionA1
72013Enhancing Assessment and Treatment of Hepatitis C in the Custodial SettingPost, Jeffrey J.; ARAIN, Amber ; Lloyd, Andrew R.Journal ContributionA1
82013Recommendations for the Management of Hepatitis C Virus Infection Among People Who Inject DrugsROBAEYS, Geert ; Grebely, Jason; Mauss, Stefan; Bruggmann, Philip; Moussalli, Joseph; De Gottardi, Andrea; Swan, Tracy; ARAIN, Amber ; Kautz, Achim; Stoever, Heino; Wedemeyer, Heiner; Schaefer, Martin; Taylor, Lynn; Backmund, Markus; Dalgard, Olav; Prins, Maria; Dore, Gregory J.Journal ContributionA1
92013The Belgian experience in treatment of persons who used drugs with the new standard of care in genotype 1 HCV infected patients: an interim analysisARAIN, Amber ; Bourgeois, Stefan; de Galocsy, Chantal; Deltenre, Pierre; D'Heygere, Francois G.; Georges, Christophe; Bastens, B.; Van Overbeke, Lode; Verrando, Rita; BRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; Mathei, Catharina; Buntinx, Frank; Van Vlierberghe, Hans; Francque, Sven; Laleman, W.; Moreno, Christophe; ROBAEYS, Geert Journal ContributionM
102012Hepatitis C: don't stick to your needle!ARAIN, Amber Conference MaterialC2
112010The effects of intradiscal methylene blue injection on discogenic low back painARAIN, Amber Theses and DissertationsT2