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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12020On the choice of the mesh for the analysis of geostatistical data using R-INLAVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; Righetto, Ana Julia; FAES, Christel; Ribeiro Jr, Paulo JustinianoJournal ContributionA1
22020Spatial modelling to inform public health based on health surveys: impact of unsampled areas at lower geographical scaleWATJOU, Kevin; VANDENDIJCK, Yannick; FAES, ChristelJournal ContributionA1
32019Spatial smoothing models to deal with the complex sampling design and nonresponse in the Florida BRFSS surveyWATJOU, Kevin; VANDENDIJCK, Yannick; Aregay, M; Kirby, R; Carroll, R; FAES, ChristelJournal ContributionA1
42017Spatial small area smoothing models for handling survey data with nonresponseWATJOU, Kevin; Aregay, M.; VANDENDIJCK, Yannick; Lawson, A.; FAES, Christel; Kirby, R. S.; Carroll, R.Journal ContributionA1
52017Estimating the spatial covariance structure using the geoadditive modelVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; HENS, Niel; FAES, ChristelJournal ContributionA1
62016Model-based inference for small area estimation with sampling weightsVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; HENS, Niel; Lawson, Andrew B.; Kirby, Russel S.; FAES, ChristelJournal ContributionA1
72016Spatial Health Survey DataVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; Lawson, Andrew B.; FAES, ChristelBook SectionB2
82016Prevalence and trend estimation from observational data with highly variable post-stratification weightsVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; HENS, Niel; FAES, ChristelJournal ContributionA1
92015Geostatistical analysis using K-splines in the geoadditive modelVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; HENS, Niel; FAES, ChristelProceedings PaperC2
102015Semi-Parametric Methods for Applications in Survey Data and Geostatistical DataVANDENDIJCK, YannickTheses and DissertationsT1
112015Estimating dynamic transmission model parameters for seasonal influenza by fitting to age and season-specific influenza-like illness incidenceVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; HENS, Niel; Hanquet, Germaine; Beutels, Phillipe; GOEYVAERTS, Nele; VAN KERCKHOVE, Kim; Willem, LanderJournal ContributionA1
122014Cost-effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccination in pregnant women, health care workers and persons with underlying illnesses in BelgiumVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; HENS, Niel; Hanquet, Germaine; Beutels, Philippe; Blommaert, Adriaan; Bilcke, JokeJournal ContributionA1
132013Weight smoothing models to estimate survey estimates from binary dataVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; HENS, Niel; FAES, ChristelProceedings PaperC2
142013Seasonal Influenza Vaccination: Prioritizing Children or Other Target Groups? Part II: Cost-Effectiveness AnalysisVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; LIESENBORGS, Jori; HENS, Niel; Beutels, Philippe; Hanquet, Germaine; Blommaert, Adriaan; Neels, Pieter; GOEYVAERTS, Nele; VAN KERCKHOVE, Kim; Willem, Lander; Thiry, Nancy; Bilcke, JokeResearch ReportR2
152013Eight Years of the Great Influenza Survey to Monitor Influenza-Like Illness in FlandersVANDENDIJCK, Yannick; HENS, Niel; FAES, ChristelJournal ContributionA1