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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12006Plasma deposition of thiophene derivatives under atmospheric pressureDAMS, Roel ; VANGENEUGDEN, Dirk ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
22001Hybrid solar cells based on dye-sensitized nanoporous TiO2 electrodes and conjugated polymers as hole transport materialsGebeyehu, D; Brabec, CJ; Sariciftci, NS; VANGENEUGDEN, Dirk ; KIEBOOMS, Rafael; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; Kienberger, F; Schindler, HJournal ContributionA1
32001Synthesis and characterization of a poly(1,3-dithienylisothianaphthene) derivative for bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cellsVANGENEUGDEN, Dirk ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; Salbeck, J; van Hal, PA; Janssen, RAJ; Hummelen, JC; Brabec, CJ; Shaheen, SE; Sariciftci, NSJournal ContributionA1
42001Low band-gap polymeric photovoltaic devicesShaheen, S.E.; VANGENEUGDEN, Dirk ; KIEBOOMS, Rafael; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; Fromherz, T.; Padinger, F.; Brabec, C.J.; Sariciftci, N.S.Journal ContributionA1
51999Poly(1,3-dithienylisothianaphtene) derivates. Synthesis, characterisation and possible applications of a new class of low bandgap materialsVANGENEUGDEN, Dirk Theses and DissertationsT1
61999Chemical sensors based on a new low band gap materialVANGENEUGDEN, Dirk ; Nagels, LJ; Desmet, J; Huyberechts, G; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; GELAN, Jan Journal Contribution
71999A general synthetic route towards soluble poly(1,3-dithienylisothianaphthene) derivativesVANDERZANDE, Dirk ; VANGENEUGDEN, Dirk ; GELAN, Jan ; KIEBOOMS, RafaelJournal Contribution
81999Properties of a low band gap conducting polymer electrode used for amperometric detection in liquid chromatographyStaes, E; VANGENEUGDEN, Dirk ; Nagels, LJ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; GELAN, Jan Journal Contribution
91998Formal copolymers based om 1,3-dithienylisothianaphthene derivatives: Promising materials for electronic devicesVANGENEUGDEN, Dirk ; KIEBOOMS, Rafael; ADRIAENSENS, Peter ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; GELAN, Jan ; Desmet, J; Huyberechts, GJournal Contribution
101997Synthesis and characterization of soluble low bandgap polymers: formal copolymers based on poly-1, 3-dithienylisothianaphtheneVANGENEUGDEN, Dirk ; KIEBOOMS, Rafael; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; GELAN, Jan Proceedings Paper