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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12015Praat automated data exportation - pluginArtistic/designerly creationAOR
22014A Taxonomy for and Analysis of the MMOG LandscapeQUAX, Peter ; VANMONTFORT, Wouter ; LAMOTTE, Wim ; Hautekeete, Filip; Vermeulen, Peter; Van Lier, KrisProceedings PaperC1
32014Migrating an MMO Back-end Infrastructure to the Cloud: a PerspectiveQUAX, Peter ; VANMONTFORT, Wouter ; MARX, Robin ; LAMOTTE, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
42013An evaluation of the impact of game genre on user experience in cloud gamingQUAX, Peter ; BEZNOSYK, Anastasiia ; VANMONTFORT, Wouter ; MARX, Robin ; LAMOTTE, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
52012Evaluation of Distribution of Panoramic Video Sequences in the eXplorative Television ProjectQUAX, Peter ; ISSARIS, Takis ; VANMONTFORT, Wouter ; LAMOTTE, Wim Proceedings PaperC2
62012Overlay Network Based Optimization of Data Flows in Large Scale Client-Server-based Game Architectures for Deployment on Cloud PlatformsQUAX, Peter ; VANMONTFORT, Wouter ; MARX, Robin ; WIJNANTS, Maarten ; LAMOTTE, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
72011Empirical Evaluation of the Efficiency of Spatial Subdivision Schemes and Load Balancing Strategies for Networked GamesQUAX, Peter ; Cleuren, J.; VANMONTFORT, Wouter ; LAMOTTE, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
82011Quality of Service and Quality of Experience Correlations in a Location-Based Mobile Multiplayer Role-Playing GameWIJNANTS, Maarten ; VANMONTFORT, Wouter ; DIERCKX, Jeroen ; QUAX, Peter ; LAMOTTE, Wim ; De Moor, Katrien; Vanattenhoven, JeroenProceedings PaperC1