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12019Child's buccal cell mitochondrial DNA content modifies the association between heart rate variability and recent air pollution exposure at schoolSAENEN, Nelly ; PROVOST, Eline ; CUYPERS, Ann ; KICINSKI, Michal ; PIETERS, Nicky ; PLUSQUIN, Michelle ; VRIJENS, Karen ; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
22017Recent versus chronic fine particulate air pollution exposure as determinant of the retinal microvasculature in school childrenPROVOST, Eline ; INT PANIS, Luc ; SAENEN, Nelly ; KICINSKI, Michal ; LOUWIES, Tijs ; VRIJENS, Karen ; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
32016Recent exposure to ultrafine particles in school children alters miR-222 expression in the extracellular fraction of salivaVRIENS, Annette ; NAWROT, Tim ; Saenen, Nelly D.; PROVOST, Eline ; KICINSKI, Michal ; Lefebvre, Wouter; Vanpoucke, Charlotte; Van Deun, Jan; De Wever, Olivier; VRIJENS, Karen ; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; PLUSQUIN, Michelle Journal ContributionA1
42016Urinary t,t-muconic acid as a proxy-biomarker of car exhaust and neurobehavioral performance in 15-year oldsKICINSKI, Michal ; SAENEN, Nelly ; Viaene, Mineke K.; Den Hond, Elly; Schoeters, Greet; PLUSQUIN, Michelle ; Nelen, Vera; BRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; Sioen, Isabelle; Loots, Ilse; Baeyens, Willy; ROELS, Harry ; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
52016Continuous alternating inhaled antibiotic therapy in CF: A single center retrospective analysisde Kerkhove, C. Van; Goeminne, P. C.; KICINSKI, Michal ; NAWROT, Tim ; Lorent, N.; Van Bleyenbergh, P.; De Boeck, K.; Dupont, L. J.Journal ContributionA1
62015Neurobehavioral performance in adolescents is inversely associated with traffic exposureKICINSKI, Michal ; Vermeir, Griet; Van Larebeke, Nicolas; Den Hond, Elly; Schoeters, Greet; BRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; Sioen, Isabelle; BIJNENS, Esmee ; ROELS, Harry ; Baeyens, Willy; Viaene, Mineke K.; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
72015Neurobehavioral effects of environmental pollution in children and adolescentsKICINSKI, Michal Theses and DissertationsT1
82015Lower placental telomere length may be attributed to maternal residential traffic exposure; a twin studyBIJNENS, Esmee ; Zeegers, Maurice P.; GIELEN, Marijke; KICINSKI, Michal ; HAGEMAN, Geja ; Pachen, Danielle; Derom, Catherine; Vlietinck, Robert; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
92015Neurobehavioral effects of air pollution in childrenKICINSKI, Michal ; NAWROT, Tim Book SectionB2
102015Publication bias in meta-analyses from the Cochrane Database of Systematic ReviewsKICINSKI, Michal ; Springate, David A.; Kontopantelis, EvangelosJournal ContributionA1
112015Neurobehavioral function and low-level metal exposure in adolescentsKICINSKI, Michal ; Vrijens, Jan; Vermier, Griet; Den Hond, Elly; Schoeters, Greet; Nelen, Vera; BRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; Sioen, Isabelle; Baeyens, Willy; Van Larebekeb, Nicolas; Viaene, Mineke K.; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
122014How does under-reporting of negative and inconclusive results affect the false-positive rate in meta-analysis? A simulation studyKICINSKI, Michal Journal ContributionA1
132014Serum levels of club cell secretory protein (Clara) and short- and long-term exposure to particulate air pollution in adolescentsPROVOST, Eline ; Chaumont, Agn├Ęs; KICINSKI, Michal ; COX, Bianca ; Fierens, Frans; Bernard, Alfred; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
142013Publication bias in recent meta-analysesKICINSKI, Michal Journal ContributionA1
152013Retinal Microvascular Responses to Short-Term Changes in Particulate Air Pollution in Healthy AdultsLOUWIES, Tijs ; INT PANIS, Luc ; KICINSKI, Michal ; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
162013Neurobehavioral Function and low-level Exposure to Brominated Flame Retardants in Adolescents: a cross-sectional StudyKICINSKI, Michal ; Viaene, M.; Den Hond, E.; Schoeters, G.; Covaci, A.; Dirtu, A.; Nelen, V.; BRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; CROES, Kristof ; Van Larebeke, N.; NAWROT, Tim Conference MaterialC2
172013Functional Association between a Genetic Variant in the IL-17 Receptor Gene and Chronic Rejection after Lung TransplantationRuttens, D.; Wauters, E.; KICINSKI, Michal ; Verleden, S. E.; Vaneylen, A.; Vandermeulen, E.; Vos, R.; Van Raemdonck, D. E.; NAWROT, Tim ; LAMBRECHTS, Danny ; Verleden, G. M.; Vanaudenaerde, B.Journal ContributionM
182013Placental DNA hypomethylation in assiociation with particulate air pollution in early lifeJANSSEN, Bram ; Godderis, Lode; PIETERS, Nicky ; Poels, Katrien; KICINSKI, Michal ; CUYPERS, Ann ; Fierens, Frans; PENDERS, Joris ; PLUSQUIN, Michelle ; GYSELAERS, Wilfried ; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
192013Neurobehavioral function and low-level metal exposure in adolescents: suggestive evidence of an association between blood copper and attentionKICINSKI, Michal ; Vrijens,J.; Vermier,G.; Den Hond,E.; Schoeters,G.; Nelen,V.; BRUCKERS, Liesbeth ; Sioen,I.; Baeyens, W.; Van Larebeke,N.; NAWROT, Tim Conference MaterialC2
202013Genetic variation in interleukin-17 receptor A is functionally associated with chronic rejection after lung transplantationRuttens, David; Wauters, Els; KICINSKI, Michal ; Verleden, Stijn E.; Vandermeulen, Elly; VOS, Robin ; Van Raemdonck, Dirk E.; NAWROT, Tim ; Lambrechts, Diether; Verleden, Geert M.; Vanaudenaerde, Bart M.Journal ContributionA1