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12022Targeting lipophagy in macrophages improves repair in multiple sclerosisHAIDAR, Mansour ; LOIX, Melanie ; VANHERLE, Sam ; DIERCKX, Tess ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; GERVOIS, Pascal ; WOLFS, Esther ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; BOGIE, Jeroen ; HENDRIKS, Jerome Journal ContributionA1
22021Altered lysosomal abundance and activity in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (late breaking abstract)LIBBERECHT, Karen ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; Hasevoets, Steffie; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; Van Den Bosch, Ludo; WOLFS, Esther Journal ContributionM
32021Exploring the role of PMP22 in ordered membrane domains of schwann cell differentiated dental stem cells and how it affects cell-matrix interactions (late breaking abstract)VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; LIBBERECHT, Karen ; GERVOIS, Pascal ; DRIESEN, Ronald ; Prior, Robert; Phillips, James; Van Den Bosch, Ludo; Wolfs, Esther; Lambrichts, IvoJournal ContributionM
42021Unraveling the Role of the Apical Papilla During Dental Root MaturationDRIESEN, Ronald ; GERVOIS, Pascal ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo Journal ContributionA1
52020Dental Tissue and Stem Cells Revisited: New Insights From the Expression of Fibroblast Activation Protein-AlphaDRIESEN, Ronald ; HILKENS, Petra ; SMISDOM, Nick ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; DILLEN, Yorg ; RATAJCZAK, Jessica ; WOLFS, Esther ; GERVOIS, Pascal ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; BRONCKAERS, Annelies ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo Journal ContributionA1
62019Preconditioning of Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells with Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin-Derived Factors Does Not Enhance Their Neuroregenerative EffectGERVOIS, Pascal ; RATAJCZAK, Jessica ; WOLFS, Esther ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; DILLEN, Yorg ; MERCKX, Greet ; BRONCKAERS, Annelies ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo Journal ContributionA1
72019Microglia: Brain cells on the moveSMOLDERS, Sophie ; KESSELS, Sofie ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; RIGO, Jean-Michel ; Legendre, Pascal; BRONE, Bert Journal ContributionA1
82019The role of mast cells and their proteases in traumatic spinal cord injuryVANGANSEWINKEL, Tim Theses and DissertationsT1
92019Mouse mast cell protease 4 suppresses scar formation after traumatic spinal cord injuryVANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; LEMMENS, Stefanie ; GEURTS, Nathalie ; Quanten, Kirsten; Dooley, Dearbhaile; Pejler, Gunnar; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1
102019Effect of platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasma on peri-implant innervation in dog mandiblesSong, Dandan; Huang, Yan; Van Dessel, Jeroen; Shujaat, Sohaib; Orhan, Kaan; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; Van den Eynde, Kathleen; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; Roskams, Tania; POLITIS, Constantinus ; Jacobs, ReinhildeJournal ContributionA1
112018Human induced pluripotent stem cell differentiation towards a Schwann cell lineagePrior, Robert; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; WOLFS, Esther ; Baloh, Robert; Van Damme, Philip; Verfaille, Catherine; Van Den Bosch, LudoJournal ContributionM
122018Angiogenic Properties of 'Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin'RATAJCZAK, Jessica ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; GERVOIS, Pascal ; MERCKX, Greet ; HILKENS, Petra ; Quirynen, Marc; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; BRONCKAERS, Annelies Journal ContributionA1
132017Dental Pulp Stem Cells: Their Potential in Reinnervation and Angiogenesis by Using ScaffoldsLAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; DRIESEN, Ronald ; DILLEN, Yorg ; GERVOIS, Pascal ; RATAJCZAK, Jessica ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; WOLFS, Esther ; BRONCKAERS, Annelies ; HILKENS, Petra Journal ContributionA1
142017Paracrine Maturation and Migration of SH-SY5Y Cells by Dental Pulp Stem CellsGERVOIS, Pascal ; WOLFS, Esther ; DILLEN, Yorg ; HILKENS, Petra ; RATAJCZAK, Jessica ; DRIESEN, Ronald ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; BRONCKAERS, Annelies ; BRONE, Bert ; STRUYS, Tom ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo Journal ContributionA1
152017Evaluating the neuroprotective effect of human dental pulp stem cells using a stroke-related neuronal survival assayDILLEN, Yorg ; GERVOIS, Pascal ; RATAJCZAK, Jessica ; HILKENS, Petra ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; DRIESEN, Ronald ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; Himmelreich, U.; BRONCKAERS, Annelies ; WOLFS, Esther Journal ContributionM
162017Interdisciplinary advances towards understanding and enhancing the therapeutic potential of stem cell-based therapies for ischaemic strokeGERVOIS, Pascal ; DILLEN, Yorg ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; HILKENS, Petra ; DRIESEN, Ronald ; MERCKX, Greet ; LO MONACO, Melissa ; RATAJCZAK, Jessica ; BRONCKAERS, Annelies ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; WOLFS, Esther Book SectionB2
172016Basophils are dispensable for the recovery of gross locomotion after spinal cord hemisection injuryGEURTS, Nathalie ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; LEMMENS, Stefanie ; NELISSEN, Sofie ; GEBOES, Lies ; Schwartz, Christian; Voehringer, David; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1
182016Stem Cell-Based Therapies for Ischemic Stroke: Preclinical Results and the Potential of Imaging-Assisted Evaluation of Donor Cell Fate and Mechanisms of Brain RegenerationGERVOIS, Pascal ; WOLFS, Esther ; RATAJCZAK, Jessica ; DILLEN, Yorg ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; HILKENS, Petra ; BRONCKAERS, Annelies ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; STRUYS, Tom Journal ContributionA1
192016Mast cells promote scar remodeling and functional recovery after spinal cord injury via mouse mast cell protease 6VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; GEURTS, Nathalie ; Quanten, Kirsten; NELISSEN, Sofie ; LEMMENS, Stefanie ; GEBOES, Lies ; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; VIDAL VERA, Pia ; Pejler, Gunnar; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1
202016Cell-Based Delivery of Interleukin-13 Directs Alternative Activation of Macrophages Resulting in Improved Functional Outcome after Spinal Cord InjuryDOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; LEMMENS, Evi ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; Le Blon, Debbie; Hoornaert, Chloe; Ponsaerts, Peter; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1