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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12021Preliminary study exploring the relation between visual prosody and the prosodic components in sign languageRENCKENS, Maarten ; De Raeve, Leo; NUYTS, Erik ; PEREZ MENA, Maria ; BESSEMANS, Ann Journal ContributionA2
22021Visual prosody supports reading aloud expressively for deaf readersRENCKENS, Maarten ; De Raeve, Leo; NUYTS, Erik ; PEREZ MENA, Maria ; BESSEMANS, Ann Journal ContributionA2
32021De integratie van artistiek en ontwerpend onderzoek binnen een academische contextBESSEMANS, Ann ; PINT, Kris ; AERTS, Jan Book SectionB2
42020Impact of Kinetic Typography on Readers' AttentionKuraitytė, Milda; BESSEMANS, Ann ; NUYTS, Erik Journal ContributionA1
52020Visual Prosody To Improve Comprehension In Deaf And Hard-of-Hearing AdultsPEREZ MENA, Maria ; BESSEMANS, Ann Conference MaterialC2
62020The automatisation of rhythm deduction in typeBESSEMANS, Ann Conference MaterialC2
72020Legibility/readability & VisibilityBESSEMANS, Ann Conference MaterialC2
82020Iedereen betrokkenBESSEMANS, Ann Conference MaterialC2
92020OVERLAP. The No Man’s Land between Art & ScienceBESSEMANS, Ann ; Doom, Marjan; Merkx, Frank; Wynants, NeleBookB1
102020New reasons to design typeBESSEMANS, Ann ; PEREZ MENA, Maria Book SectionB2
112019Voor GerardArtistic/designerly creationAOR
122019Visual Prosody Supportys Reading Aloud Expressively.BESSEMANS, Ann ; RENCKENS, Maarten ; BORMANS, Kevin ; NUYTS, Erik ; Larson, KevinJournal ContributionA1
132019The Gap between Science and TypographyBESSEMANS, Ann Book SectionB2
142018Letters en Wetenschap.Artistic/designerly creationAOR
152018'Who's working?'Artistic/designerly creationAOR
162018A Typeface for Children with Low Vision.BESSEMANS, Ann Conference MaterialC2
172018Designing Legible Type. A Paradox?BESSEMANS, Ann Conference MaterialC2
182018Design research into legibilityBESSEMANS, Ann Conference MaterialC2
192018Chapter 2. Designing digital texts for beginner readers: Aspects and processesWalker, S.; Black, A.; BESSEMANS, Ann ; BORMANS, Kevin ; RENCKENS, Maarten ; Barrat, M.Book SectionB2
202018Collaborated track on low vision during the conferenceBESSEMANS, Ann ; Takahashi, TakakoConference MaterialC2