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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12020‘The making of hoepertingen’: Debating change in a village in haspengouw (Belgium)Van Damme, Sylvie; DEVISCH, Oswald; MARTENS, SarahJournal ContributionA1
22018What is public? An approach to stage a debate in a village as a spatial practitionerMARTENS, SarahTheses and DissertationsT1
32017INQUIRING THE EVERYDAY – learning from Action Research to intervene in autonomous, spatial transformation processesDEVISCH, Oswald; MARTENS, SarahProceedings PaperC1
42017Counterfactual scripting: challenging the temporality of participationHUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; MARTENS, Sarah; Hendriks, NielsJournal ContributionA1
52017Leren participeren: Leren van participatieprocessen in ruimtelijke planningDEVISCH, Oswald; HUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; MARTENS, SarahResearch ReportR2
62016Interrupting the everyday, as a (spatial) strategy to interveneMARTENS, SarahConference MaterialC2
72016Experimenten rond het publieke in een gewoon dorpDEVISCH, Oswald; MARTENS, SarahProceedings PaperC1
82015Walking, picturing, playing, or how to collectively reflect and act on spatial transformations in a rural village.DEVISCH, Oswald; MARTENS, SarahConference MaterialC2
92015Visualising things. Perspectives on how to make things public through visualisationVande Moere, Andrew; Claes, Sandy; SCHOFFELEN, Jessica; HUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; MARTENS, Sarah; Chua, AlvinJournal ContributionA1
102015Hoepert(h)ingsVANDEN ECKER, Frank; PRINCEN, Peter; DEVISCH, Oswald; MARTENS, Sarah; HUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; Devlieger, Lionel (Rotor)Artistic/designerly creationAOR
112015THE FUTURE IS TODAY. Scripting public debate on Design Anthropological encountersDEVISCH, Oswald; HUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; MARTENS, SarahProceedings PaperC2
122015Design, Social Media and Technology to Foster Civic Self-OrganisationDE RIDDER, Roel; DEVISCH, Oswald; MARTENS, Sarah; HUYBRECHTS, LiesbethArtistic/designerly creationAOR
132015“I do not want to be heard”. Re-emphasising the relationship between long-term participation and decisionmakingDEVISCH, Oswald; HUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; MARTENS, SarahWorking PaperR2
142015Where spatial capacity building and spatial decision making meet. Publically debating participatory spatial planning via a newspaper.DEVISCH, Oswald; HUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; MARTENS, SarahProceedings PaperC2
152015Projections 5: Tales of the allotmentVAN DE WEIJER, Marijn; BERNAKIEWICZ, Iwert; SOENEN, Ruth; DEVISCH, Oswald; BRUSATTO, Geoffrey; KLAPS, Johannes; MARTENS, Sarah; ROOSEN, Barbara; VERBEECK, GrietArtistic/designerly creationAOR
162015Spatial capacity building as requirement for durable civic engagementDEVISCH, Oswald; HUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; MARTENS, Sarah; ROOSEN, BarbaraConference MaterialC2
172014Future Fictions GodsheideDEVISCH, Oswald; HUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; MARTENS, SarahArtistic/designerly creationAOR
182014Mooiste dorpen van HaspengouwDEVISCH, Oswald; MARTENS, SarahArtistic/designerly creationAOR
192014Maak het Dorp! HoepertingenDEVISCH, Oswald; MARTENS, Sarah; ROOSEN, BarbaraProceedings PaperC1
202014The neighbourhood, Our garden: an instrument to facilitate an open and ongoing debateDEVISCH, Oswald; MARTENS, Sarah; ROOSEN, BarbaraConference MaterialC2