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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12015Investigating the actual career decisions of the next generation: The impact of family business involvementMURPHY, Linda; LAMBRECHTS, FrankJournal ContributionA1
22015Career - A driver of family business involvement for next generation family members?MURPHY, Linda; HUYBRECHTS, Jolien; LAMBRECHTS, FrankConference MaterialC2
32014Learning in the family business: Unique for the next generation?MURPHY, Linda; LAMBRECHTS, FrankProceedings PaperC1
42014Connecting family capital and career paths of next generation family membersMURPHY, LindaTheses and DissertationsT1
52013Career experiences of next generation family members: An empirical study.MURPHY, Linda; LAMBRECHTS, FrankConference MaterialC2
62013Learning as identity building in family businessesMURPHY, Linda; LAMBRECHTS, FrankConference MaterialC2
72013Socioemotional wealth in family businesses: Insights from a careers perspectiveMURPHY, Linda; LAMBRECHTS, FrankProceedings PaperC1