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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12018NavigaTone: Seamlessly Embedding Navigation Cues in Mobile Music ListeningHELLER, Florian ; SCHOENING, Johannes Proceedings PaperC1
22017SubwayAPPS: Using Smartphone Barometers for Positioning in Underground Transportation Environmentsvan Erum, Kris; SCHOENING, Johannes Proceedings PaperC1
32017WatchThru: Expanding Smartwatch Displays with Mid-air Visuals and Wrist-worn Augmented RealityWENIG, Dirk ; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Olwal, Alex; Oben, Mathias; Malaka, RainerProceedings PaperC1
42017The path-to-purchase is paved with digital opportunities: An inventory of shopper-oriented retail technologiesWILLEMS, Kim ; Smolders, Annelien; Brengman, Malaika; LUYTEN, Kris ; SCHOENING, Johannes Journal ContributionA1
52016NatureCHI: Unobtrusive User Experiences with Technology in NatureHakkila, Jonna; Cheverst, Keith; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Bidwell, Simon; Colley, Ashley; Robinson, SimonProceedings PaperC1
62016Changing the Camera-to-Screen Angle to Improve AR Browser UsageColley, Ashley; Van Vlaenderen, Wouter; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Hakkila, JonnaProceedings PaperC1
72016ScrollingHome: Bringing Image-based Indoor Navigation to SmartwatchesWenig, Dirk; Steenbergen, Alexander; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Hecht, Brent; Malaka, RainerProceedings PaperC1
82016Crouch, Hold and Engage: Spatial Aspects of Augmented Reality BrowsingColley, Ashley; Lappalainen, Tuomas; Määttänen, Elisa; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Häkkilä, JonnaProceedings PaperC1
92016Who are the People in my Life? Towards Tangible Eco-MapsHELLER, Florian ; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Meleyal, Lel F.; Sevasti-Melissa, Nolas; Zeisner, Lena; Rauers, AntjeProceedings PaperC1
102016Cross-Surface: Challenges and Opportunities for ‘bring your own device’ in the wildHouben, Steven; VERMEULEN, Jo ; Klokmose, Clemens; Korsgaard, Henrik; Marquardt, Nicolai; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Reiterer, Harald; Schreiner, MarioProceedings PaperC1
112016No more Autobahn! Scenic Route Generation Using Googles Street ViewRunge, Nina; SAMSONOV, Pavel ; DEGRAEN, Donald ; SCHOENING, Johannes Proceedings PaperC1
122016Cross-Surface: Challenges and Opportunities of Spatial and Proxemic InteractionHouben, Steven; Vermeulen, Jo; Klokmose, Clemens; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Marquardt, Nicolai; Reiterer, HaraldProceedings PaperC1
132016UbiMount - Ubiquitous Computing in the MountainsDaiber, Florian; Cheverst, Keith; Zancanaro, Massimo; Kosmalla, Felix; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Häkkilä, Jonna; Lahda, Cassim; Wiehr, FrederikProceedings PaperC1
142016Helping Computers Understand Geographically-Bound Activity RestrictionsSoll, Marcus; Naumann, Philipp; SCHOENING, Johannes ; SAMSONOV, Pavel ; Hecht, BrentProceedings PaperC1
152016The Geography and Importance of Localness in Geotagged Social MediaJohnson, Isaac; Sengupta, Subhasree; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Hecht, BrentProceedings PaperC1
162016StrapMaps: Bringing Map-based Navigation to the Straps of BagsWenig, Dirk; HELLER, Florian ; SCHOENING, Johannes Proceedings PaperC1
172016Attention as an Input Modality for Post-WIMP Interfaces Using the viGaze Eye Tracking FrameworkGiannopoulos, Ioannis; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Kruger, Antonio; Raubal, MartinJournal ContributionA1
182016Heartefacts: Augmenting Mobile Video Sharing Using Wrist-Worn Heart Rate SensorsVERMEULEN, Jo ; MacDonald, Lindsay; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Beale, Russel; Carpendale, SheelaghProceedings PaperC1
192016Not at Home on the Range: Peer Production and the Urban/Rural DivideJohnson, Isaac; Lin, Yilun; Jia-Jun Li, Toby; Hall, Andrew; Halfaker, Aaron; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Hecht, BrentProceedings PaperC1
202016The Aesthetics of StripeMaps: Being Small and BeautifulWenig, Dirk; SCHOENING, Johannes Proceedings PaperC1