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12022Visualization of pectin in carrot pomace using FTIR microspectroscopy: feasibility of internal standardizationVARAS PEREZ, Paula; VANDAMME, Dries; MARCHAL, WouterConference MaterialC2
22022Co-pyrolysis of microalgae and glucose: nitrogen evolution and incorporation in biocharVERCRUYSSE, Willem; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
32022Enhancement of Dissolved Air Flotation Harvesting of microalgae Chlorella sp.PAPPA, Michaela; LAMA, Sanjaya; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
42022Dissolved air flotation of a native Cuban Chlorella sp. using chitosan: influence of extracellular organic matter on coagulant dose and floc propertiesPAPPA, Michaela; LAMA, Sanjaya; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
52022Impact of biomass pretreatment and pyrolysis conditions on common ivy biochar’s potential as soil fertilizerVERCRUYSSE, Willem; Gomes, Caio Laurino; KUNNEN, Kris; CUYPERS, Ann; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
62022Influence of extracellular algal organic matter on the flocculation sedimentation based recovery of microalgal biomassLAMA, Sanjaya; PAPPA, Michaela; Watanabe, Nathalia Brandão; MARCHAL, Wouter; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
72022Pyrolysis of brewer’s spent grain biomass to form functional adsorbersBLEUS, Dries; JOOS, Bjorn; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
82022Activated carbon adsorbers from NADES-extracted brewer’s spent grain and malt dust biomassBLEUS, Dries; JOOS, Bjorn; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
92022Bridging the gap between biochar’s physicochemical characteristics and plant growthVERCRUYSSE, Willem; KUNNEN, Kris; CUYPERS, Ann; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
102022Screening of biomass residue streams for their applicability as feedstocks for activated carbon production and their compliance as electrode materialVERCRUYSSE, Willem; Derison, Femke; JOOS, Bjorn; HARDY, An; HAMED, Hamid; SAFARI, Momo; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
112022Hybrid porous titania phosphonate networks with different bridging functionalities: Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation as efficient solvent separation materialsPAWLAK, Bram; MARCHAL, Wouter; Ramesha, Bharadwaj Mysore; JOOS, Bjorn; CALVI, Lavinia; D'HAEN, Jan; RUTTENS, Bart; HARDY, An; Meynen, Vera; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; CARLEER, RobertJournal ContributionA1
122022The effect of pyrolysis temperature and feedstock on biochar agronomic propertiesLATAF, Amine; JOZEFCZAK, Marijke; Vandecasteele, B.; Viaene, J.; SCHREURS, Sonja; CARLEER, Robert; YPERMAN, Jan; MARCHAL, Wouter; CUYPERS, Ann; VANDAMME, DriesJournal ContributionA1
132021Interference of AOM in coagulation of microalgae: influence of coagulant type and coagulation mechanism.PAPPA, Michaela; LAMA, Sanjaya; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesConference MaterialC2
142021Biochar from raw and spent common ivy: Impact of preprocessing and pyrolysis temperature on biochar propertiesVERCRUYSSE, Willem; Smeets, Jolien; HAELDERMANS, Tom; JOOS, Bjorn; HARDY, An; SAMYN, Pieter; YPERMAN, Jan; VANREPPELEN, Kenny; CARLEER, Robert; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesJournal ContributionA1
152021Ambient Air Pollution Shapes Bacterial and Fungal Ivy Leaf CommunitiesSTEVENS, Vincent; THIJS, Sofie; BONGAERTS, Eva; NAWROT, Tim; MARCHAL, Wouter; Van Hamme, Jonathan; VANGRONSVELD, JacoJournal ContributionA1
162020Layer Morphology and Ink Compatibility of Silver Nanoparticle Inkjet Inks for Near-Infrared SinteringREENAERS, Dieter; MARCHAL, Wouter; Biesmans, Ianto; NIVELLE, Philippe; D'HAEN, Jan; DEFERME, WimJournal ContributionA1
172020Monitoring Variations in Thermal Curing of Nanoparticle Coatings through Confocal Raman Microscopy and Principal Component AnalysisSAMYN, Pieter; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, Dries; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; CARLEER, RobertJournal ContributionA1
182020Precursor Design Strategies for the Low‐Temperature Synthesis of Functional Oxides: It's All in the ChemistryMARCHAL, Wouter; DE SLOOVERE, Dries; DAENEN, Michael; VAN BAEL, Marlies; HARDY, AnJournal ContributionA1
192019Hybrid solid state eutectogel electrolyes in a polymeric cage: towards improved (electro-)chemical propertiesJOOS, Bjorn; VRANKEN, Thomas; MARCHAL, Wouter; SAFARI, Momo; HARDY, An; VAN BAEL, MarliesConference MaterialC2
202019Synthesis of Hybrid Mesoporous Titanium PhosphonatesPAWLAK, Bram; Ramesha, B; JOOS, Bjorn; CARLEER, Robert; Meynen, V; SAMYN, Pieter; MARCHAL, Wouter; ADRIAENSENS, PeterConference MaterialC2