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12016Is the number of attended cardiac rehabilitation sessions influential on prevention of recurrent ischemic cardiac disease?Schuermans, Brecht; Tack, Wouter; NEYENS, Thomas; HENS, Niel; BERGER, Jan; FREDERIX, Ines; DENDALE, PaulJournal ContributionM
22012The value of telerehabilitation in encouraging coronary artery disease patients to stay active after the acute rehabilitation phaseFREDERIX, Ines; HANSEN, Dominique; Bonne, K.; Alders, Toon; Van Driessche, Niels; BERGER, Jan; DENDALE, PaulConference MaterialC2
32011Comparison of two motion sensors for use in cardiac telerehabilitationFREDERIX, Ines; DENDALE, Paul; BERGER, Jan; Vandereyt, Frank; Everts, Suzy; HANSEN, DominiqueJournal ContributionA1
42011Clinical benefits of the addition of lower extremity low-intensity resistance muscle training during early aerobic endurance training intervention in coronary artery disease patients: a randomized controlled trial.HANSEN, Dominique; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; Roelands, Machteld; BROEKMANS, Tom; RUMMENS, Jean-Luc; HENSEN, Karen; Daniels, Annick; Van Erum, Monique; Bonné, Kim; REYCKERS, Ilse; Alders, Toon; BERGER, Jan; DENDALE, PaulJournal ContributionA1
52010Long-term effect of rehabilitation in coronary artery disease patients: randomized clinical trial of the impact of exercise volumeHANSEN, Dominique; DENDALE, Paul; Raskin, Anita; Schoonis, Annick; BERGER, Jan; Vlassak, Irmien; Meeusen, RomainJournal ContributionA1