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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12022Authoring Tool for Automatic Generation of Augmented Reality Instruction Sequence for Manual OperationsZogopoulos, Vasilios; Kauffmann, Steven; Gors, Dorothy; GEURTS, EvaProceedings PaperC1
22021Stay Tuned! An Investigation of Content Substitution, the Listener as Curator and Other Innovations in Broadcast RadioLIEVENS, Hendrik; QUAX, Peter; LAMOTTE, Wim; WIJNANTS, Maarten; GEURTS, EvaProceedings PaperC1
32020Feasibility study of a 10-week community-based program using the WalkWithMe application on physical activity, walking, fatigue and cognition in persons with Multiple SclerosisFEYS, Peter; CONINX, Karin; VAN GEEL, Fanny; ABASIYANIK, Zuhal; GEURTS, EvaJournal ContributionA1
42020Impact of Situational Impairment on Interaction with Wearable DisplaysLUYTEN, Kris; HELLER, Florian; VANACKEN, Davy; GEURTS, EvaProceedings PaperC2
52019Exploring Mobile Interactive Applications to Increase Patient Motivation in RehabilitationGEURTS, EvaTheses and DissertationsT1
62019WalkWithMe: Personalized goal setting and coaching for walking in people with Multiple SclerosisFEYS, Peter; CONINX, Karin; VAN GEEL, Fanny; GEURTS, EvaProceedings PaperC1
72018Impact of a mobile cycling application on cardiac patients’ cycling behavior and enjoymentHANSEN, Dominique; CONINX, Karin; DENDALE, Paul; GEURTS, EvaProceedings PaperC1
82017The European Association of Preventive Cardiology Exercise Prescription in Everyday Practice and Rehabilitative Training (EXPERT) tool: A digital training and decision support system for optimized exercise prescription in cardiovascular disease. Concept, definitions and construction methodology.Greco, Eugenio; Takken, Tim; CONINX, Karin; Piepoli, Massimo F.; Lamotte, Michel; HANSEN, Dominique; Cornelissen, Veronique; Bussotti, Maurizio; Abreu, Ana; SPRUIT, Martijn A.; Tonoli, Cajsa; Barna, Olga; Fagard, Robert; Corra, U.; Garcia-Porrero, Esteban; Schmid, Jean-Paul; Ambrosetti, Marco; Braga, Simona S.; Edelmann, Frank; DENDALE, Paul; Pedretti, Roberto; GEURTS, Eva; Davos, Constantinos; Faggiano, Pompilio; Kouidi, Evangelia; ROVELO RUIZ, Gustavo; Rauch, Bernhard; Stettler, Christoph; Voller, Heinz; Beckers, Paul; Vigorito, Carlo; Doherty, Patrick; Vanhees, Luc; Niebauer, Josef; Neunhauserer, Daniel; Reibis, RonaJournal ContributionA1
92016Back on Bike: The BoB Mobile Cycling App for Secondary Prevention in Cardiac PatientsLUYTEN, Kris; HAESEN, Mieke; CONINX, Karin; DENDALE, Paul; GEURTS, EvaProceedings PaperC1
102015Recommendations for Translation Environments to Improve Translators' workflowsHAESEN, Mieke; VAN DEN BERGH, Jan; DEGRAEN, Donald; CONINX, Karin; Van der Lek-Ciudin, Iulianna; GEURTS, EvaProceedings PaperC1
112015Smart Computer Aided Translation EnvironmentHeyman, Geert; Pelemans, Joris; Van Eynde, Frank; Macken, Lieve; HAESEN, Mieke; Van der Lek-Ciudin, Lilianna; Tezcan, Arda; Lefever, Els; CONINX, Karin; GEURTS, Eva; Vanallemeersch, Tom; Moens, Marie-Francine; Hoste, Veronique; Vandeghinste, Vincent; Wambacq, Patrick; De Wachter, KenProceedings PaperC1