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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12022Sparse Damage Detection with Complex Group Lasso and Adaptive Complex Group LassoDimopoulos, Vasileios; Desmet, Wim; DECKERS, Elke Journal ContributionA1
22022Impact of the Unit Cell Choice on the Efficiency of Dispersion Curve Calculations Using Generalized Bloch Mode SynthesisCool, Vanessa; Van Belle , Lucas; Claeys , Claus; DECKERS, Elke ; Desmet, WimJournal ContributionA1
32021Sound absorption enhancement in poro-elastic materials in the viscous regime using a mass–spring effectAhsani , S.; Claeys , C.; Zielinski, T. G.; Jankowski , L.; Scarpa, F.; Desmet, W.; DECKERS, Elke Journal ContributionA1
42020On the potential of meta-poro-elastic systems with mass inclusions to achieve broadband near-perfect absorption coefficientAhsani, S; Boukadia, R. F.; Droz, C.; Zielinski, T. G; Jankowski, L; Claeys, C; Desmet, W; DECKERS, Elke Proceedings PaperC1
52020Design space exploration for resonant metamaterials using physics guided neural networksMelo Filho, N. G. R.; Angell, A; van Ophem, S.; Pluymers, B; Claeys, C; DECKERS, Elke ; Desmet, WProceedings PaperC1
62020Numerical analysis of the stop band performance in finite partially treated resonant metamaterial platesSangiuliano, L; Claeys, C.; DECKERS, Elke ; Desmet, W.Proceedings PaperC1
72020Viscoelastic material parameter identification from force and displacement response in the time and frequency domainCool, V; DECKERS, Elke ; Jonckheere, S.; Naets, F.; Desmet, WProceedings PaperC1
82020A rational Krylov subspace method for the unit cell modeling of 2D infinite periodic mediaBoukadia, R; DECKERS, Elke ; Claeys, C.; Ichchou, M; Desmet, WProceedings PaperC1
92020A wave-based optimization framework for 1D and 2D periodic structuresBoukadia, R.F.; DECKERS, Elke ; Claeys, C.; Ichchou, M.; Desmet, W.Journal ContributionA1
102020Reduction of vortex-induced vibrations by locally resonant metamaterialsPires, F. Alves; Denayer, H; DECKERS, Elke ; Claeys, C; Desmet, WProceedings PaperC1
112020Fast metamaterial design optimization using reduced order unit cell modelingVan Belle, L.; de Melo Filho, N. G. R.; Clasing Villanueva, M; Claeys, C.; DECKERS, Elke ; Naets, F.; Desmet, WProceedings PaperC1
122020Broadband, wide angle of incidence sound absorption enhancement using rigid-backing-free periodic composite structure via wave manipulationZhang, Z; DECKERS, Elke ; Claeys, C; Desmet, WProceedings PaperC1