VIVEGNIS, Sebastien

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VIVEGNIS, Sebastien
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12020XPS fast depth profile of the native oxide layers on AISI 304, 316 and 430 commercial stainless steels and their evolution with timeRENNER, Frank; Delhalle, J.; Vanhumbeeck, J-F; VIVEGNIS, Sebastien; Mekhalif, Z.; Detriche, S.; Louette, P.; Felten, A.Journal ContributionA1
22019Use of pyrophosphate and boric acid additives in the copper-zinc alloy electrodeposition and chemical dealloyingRENNER, Frank; Delhalle, J.; Krid, M.; VIVEGNIS, Sebastien; Mekhalif, Z.Journal ContributionA1
32019Copper-zinc alloy electrodeposition mediated by triethanolamine as a complexing additive and chemical dealloyingRENNER, Frank; Delhalle, J.; VIVEGNIS, Sebastien; Mekhalif, Z.Journal ContributionA1
42018Two-Step Nanoscale Approach for Well-Defined Complex Alkanethiol Films on Au SurfacesRENNER, Frank; Bashir, Asif; VIVEGNIS, Sebastien; Mekhalif, Zineb; LOSADA-PEREZ, Patricia; Delhalle, Joseph; NEUPANE, ShovaJournal ContributionA1