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12022Renewable natural gas as climate-neutral energy carrier?Meulendijks, Nicole; Detz, Remko; van der Zwaan, Bob; BUSKENS, PascalJournal ContributionA1
22022Comparing the Performance of Supported Ru Nanocatalysts Prepared by Chemical Reduction of RuCl3 and Thermal Decomposition of Ru3(CO)12 in the Sunlight-Powered Sabatier ReactionSastre, Francesc; Meulendijks, Nicole; HARDY, An; VAN BAEL, Marlies; BUROVA, Daria; Rohlfs, Jelle; BUSKENS, Pascal; KELCHTERMANS, An-Sofie; Molina, Pau Martinez; Verheijen, Marcel A.; ELEN, KenJournal ContributionA1
32022Continuous-Flow Sunlight-Powered CO2 Methanation Catalyzed by γ-Al2O3-Supported Plasmonic Ru NanorodsSastre, Francesc; Xu, Man; Meulendijks, Nicole; Bossers, Koen W.; Rohlfs, Jelle; Valega Mackenzie, Fidel; BUSKENS, Pascal; Verheijen, Marcel A.Journal ContributionA1
42022Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors to Quantify Temperature Non‐Uniformities in Plasmonic Catalyst Beds under IlluminationSastre, Francesc; Xu, Man; Meulendijks, Nicole; Wolfs, Marciano; Habets, Roberto; den Hartog, Tim; Rohlfs, Jelle; BUSKENS, Pascal; Cheng , Lun; VAN DEN HAM, JonathanJournal ContributionA1
52021Phase separation of VO2 and SiO2 on SiO2-Coated float glass yields robust thermochromic coating with unrivalled optical propertiesYeung, Cindy P. K.; Colberts, Fallon; Leufkens, Luc; Vroon, Zeger; Mann, Daniel; Habets, Roberto; Stout, Kathleen; BUSKENS, Pascal; Verheijen, MarcelJournal ContributionA1
62021Low Temperature Sunlight‐Powered Reduction of CO2 to CO Using a Plasmonic Au/TiO2 NanocatalystSastre, Francesc; Xu, Man; Meulendijks, Nicole; den Hartog, Tim; BUSKENS, Pascal; Molina, Pau Martinez; Verheijen, Marcel A.Journal ContributionA1
72021A comparative study on the switching kinetics of W/VO2 powders and VO2 coatings and their implications for thermochromic glazingCALVI, Lavinia; Leufkens, Luc; HARDY, An; Yeung, Cindy P.K.; Habets, Roberto; MANN, Daniel; VAN BAEL, Marlies; BUSKENS, Pascal; ELEN, KenJournal ContributionA1
82020Collective photothermal effect of Al2O3-supported spheroidal plasmonic Ru nanoparticle catalysts in the sunlight-powered Sabatier reactionSastre, Francesc; Xu, Man; Meulendijks, Nicole; HARDY, An; Habets, Roberto; den Hartog, Tim; VAN BAEL, Marlies; Rohlfs, Jelle; BUSKENS, Pascal; Grote, Roos; Verheijen, Marcel A.; ELEN, KenJournal ContributionA1
92020Comparative Building Energy Simulation Study of Static and Thermochromically Adaptive Energy-Efficient Glazing in Various Climate RegionsVroon, Zeger; Habets, Roberto; MANN, Daniel; BUSKENS, Pascal; Yeung, CindyJournal ContributionA1
102020Oligoglycidol-Functionalised Styrene Macromolecules as Reactive Surfactants in the Emulsion Polymerisation of Styrene: The Impact of Chain Length and Concentration on Particle Size and Colloidal StabilityWelzen, Jeroen; Keul, Helmut; BAETEN, Evelien; Castermans, Sam; MANN, Daniel; van Zandvoort, Ryan; Stout, Kathleen; BUSKENS, Pascal; Waulthers, KimJournal ContributionA1
112019Synthesis of nanoparticles in dispersion: Flow cell coupled analytics as a way to follow particle growthvan Ee, Renz; Pierre, Guillaume; Armenta, Ricardo; Meulendijks, Nicole; Volker, Arno; Voelker, Andreas; BUSKENS, Pascal; van Groenestijn, Gert-JanJournal ContributionM
122019Plasmonic metal nanocatalysts for photohydrogenation of CO2 to CO or CH4 with unrivaled high photon to product efficiencySastre, Francesc; Meulendijks, Nicole; Sweelssen, Jorgen; Versluis, Caroline; Rodriguez-Fernandez, Jessica; VAN BAEL, Marlies; BUSKENS, Pascal; Den Hartog, Tim; ELEN, Ken; Verheijen, Marcel A.Journal ContributionM
132019Synthesis of hybrid polystyrene-poly(organosiloxane) particles with complex architectures through use of organotrialkoxysilanes as surfmerSegers, Margot; Keul, Helmut; MANN, Daniel; Moller, Martin; BUSKENS, PascalJournal ContributionM
142019Catalysts for Sustainable Energy StorageKALIYAPPAN, Periyasamy; HARDY, An; PIRAS, Alessandra; VAN BAEL, Marlies; BUSKENS, Pascal; ELEN, KenConference MaterialC2
152019Sunlight-Fueled, Low-Temperature Ru-Catalyzed Conversion of CO2 and H-2 to CH4 with a High Photon-to-Methane EfficiencySastre, Francesc; Meulendijks, Nicole; Sweelssen, Jorgen; Versluis, Caroline; Rodriguez-Fernandez, Jessica; den Hartog, Tim; VAN BAEL, Marlies; BUSKENS, Pascal; ELEN, Ken; Verheijen, Marcel A.Journal ContributionA1
162019Design, development, and characterisation of nanoporous vanadium (IV) oxide coatings for energy efficient glazingCALVI, Lavinia; Leufkens, Luc; HARDY, An; Habets, Roberto; VAN BAEL, Marlies; BUSKENS, Pascal; ELEN, KenConference MaterialC2
172018Qualification of an Ultrasonic Instrument for Real-Time Monitoring of Size and Concentration of Nanoparticles during Liquid Phase Bottom-Up Synthesisvan Ee, Renz; van Groenestijn, Gert Jan; Meulendijks, Nicole; Julien, Cedric; Volker, Arno; BUSKENS, Pascal; van Neer, Paul; Verheijen, MarcelJournal ContributionA1
182018Flow Cell Coupled Dynamic Light Scattering for Real-Time Monitoring of Nanoparticle Size during Liquid Phase Bottom-Up Synthesisvan Ee, Renz; Kambly, Nils; Armenta, Ricardo; Meulendijks, Nicole; Stevens, Ralph; Mourad, Maurice; BUSKENS, Pascal; Verheijen, MarcelJournal ContributionA1
192018Facile synthesis of polystyrene-polyphenylsiloxane Janus nanoparticles and their use as intermediate for the synthesis of tailored plasmonic materialsKeul, Helmut; MANN, Daniel; Moller, Martin; BUSKENS, Pascal; Voogt, Stefanie; Verheijen, MarcelJournal ContributionM
202018Real-Time Monitoring of Size and Concentration of Nanoparticles Inside a Reactor Using UltrasoundVolker, AWF; Meulendijks, NMM; van Groenestijn, GJA; BUSKENS, Pascal; van Neer, PLMJProceedings PaperC1