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Title: Sulfur analysis of household briquettes using MS and GC/MS detection systems after reductive pyrolysis
Authors: MARINOV, Stefan 
Stamenova, V.
GONSALVESH, Lenia-Nezaet 
CARLEER, Robert 
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Chinese Academy of Sciences
Source: Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology, 34 (3). p. 257-264
Abstract: The aim of the present study is to obtain more information concerning organic sulphur pollutants produced by some commercial briquettes based on coal and biomass. Reductive pyrolysis technique (AP-TPR), coupled "on-line" with mass spectrometer (MS) and "off-line" with GC/MS was used for qualitative and quantitative study of sulphur compounds emitted from household briquettes. By AP-TPR-GC/MS and inner standard application, prominent sulphur containing compounds were quantitatively determined. For different briquettes some peculiarities were observed. Namely, only for biobriquette low presence of dialkyl sulphides and aliphatic thiols was registered. The highest variety of organic sulphur forms was detected for lignite briquette. Oxidized sulphur compounds were not registered for the higher coal rank briquettes but the presence of different triophenes was typical for them.
Keywords: briquettes; pyrolysis; mass spectroscopy; organic sulphur
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ISSN: 0253-2409
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
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