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Title: Endurance training does not modulate satellite cell content in type 2 diabetes patients
Authors: HANSEN, Dominique 
Snijders, T.
Verdijk, L.
van Loon, LJ.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Endurance-type exercise training represents a cornerstone in type 2 diabetes treatment. However, the effects of prolonged continuous, endurance-type exercise on muscle fiber characteristics remain equivocal. Fifteen obese male type 2 diabetes patients (61 ± 6 years) participated in a 6-month continuous, endurance-type exercise program. Muscle biopsies were collected before, and after 2 and 6 months of intervention. Muscle fiber type-specific composition, size, and satellite cell (SC) and myonuclear content were determined by immunohistochemistry. Although continuous endurance-type exercise training lowered total body weight and reduced fat mass, no changes were observed in leg lean mass. At baseline, SC content was significantly lower in type II compared with type I muscle fibers. No change in SC content was observed after exercise training. Continuous endurance-type exercise training lowers fat mass, but it does not increase leg lean mass and/or modulate muscle fiber characteristics in type 2 diabetes patients.
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Type: Preprint
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