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Title: Embedding ICT in real-time measurements for versatile applications in modern life sciences education
Authors: GUEDENS, Wanda 
REYNDERS, Monique 
Issue Date: 2012
Source: International Journal of Online Engineering, 8(3). p.41-43
Abstract: Involving undergraduates and high school students to play a more active role in science lessons has been an objective in many educational research programmes. ICT is a perfect tool to meet this goal. Particularly, in this paper the processing of experimental biochemical – biotechnological data in the science classroom is highlighted. Additionally, the paper focuses on the interdisciplinary approach ‘from scientific experiment to a mathematical model’ in biochemistry courses. Indeed, bridging the gap between experimental data and mathematical functions is not evident at the level of secondary and undergraduate education.
Keywords: Biochemistry; biotechnology; chemistry; data acquisition; data analysis; educational technology
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ISSN: 1868-1646
Category: A2
Type: Journal Contribution
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