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12020Developing and Implementing GAPc, a Gamification Project in Chemistry, toward a Remote Active Student-Centered Chemistry Course Bridging the Gap between Precollege and Undergraduate EducationBRASSINNE, Kristien; REYNDERS, Monique; CONINX, Karin; GUEDENS, WandaJournal ContributionA1
22018Het loflied van de aardappel in het secundair onderwijsASPERGES, Michel; REYGEL, Patrick; REYNDERS, Monique; GUEDENS, WandaJournal ContributionA2
32018GAming Project in Chemistry - GAP ⓒ: A remedial teaching course including a proof-of-concept gameBRASSINNE, Kristien; DAEMS, Benny; REYNDERS, Monique; CONINX, Karin; GUEDENS, WandaConference MaterialC2
42018Het loflied van de aardappelASPERGES, Michel; REYGEL, Patrick; REYNDERS, Monique; GUEDENS, WandaBook SectionB3
52018Monitoring the Chloride Concentration in International Scheldt River Basin DistrictWater Using a Low-Cost Multifunction Data Acquisition BoardGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, Monique; VAN VINCKENROYE, Koen; YPERMAN, Jan; CARLEER, RobertJournal ContributionA1
62017SO2HO: bereid je voor op het hoger onderwijs met de online chemie-toolBRASSINNE, Kristien; DAEMS, Benny; REYNDERS, Monique; GUEDENS, Wanda; CONINX, KarinConference MaterialC2
72017Identification and Formulation of Polymers: A Challenging Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Chemistry Lab AssignmentGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueJournal ContributionA1
82014Macromoleculen, van monomeer tot polymeerGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueJournal ContributionA2
92013De chemie van bierGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueJournal ContributionA2
102013Bier onder de loep: van fermentatie tot alcohol in bloedGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, Monique; ASPERGES, Michel; REYGEL, PatrickJournal ContributionA2
112013ZnO based sunscreen: the perfect example to introduce nanoparticles in an undergraduate or high school chemistry labGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, Monique; VAN DEN RUL, Heidi; ELEN, Ken; HARDY, An; VAN BAEL, MarliesJournal ContributionA1
122012Embedding ICT in real-time measurements for versatile applications in modern life sciences educationGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, Monique; STULENS, KoenJournal ContributionA2
132012Praktisch onderzoek van alcoholGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueConference MaterialC2
142012Science Outreach Programs as a Powerful Tool for Science Promotion: An Example from FlandersGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueJournal ContributionA1
152010Embedding ICT in real-time measurements for various applications in modern life sciences educationGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueProceedings PaperC1
162010Meerkeuzevragen chemie, een aparte manier van evaluerenGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueConference MaterialC2
172009Hard Science: Exciting Ways to Engage with Difficult ConceptsGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueProceedings PaperC2
182009Exploring the crossroad between ICT and life sciences through modeling of biochemical dataGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueBook SectionB2
192008Zwavel als zuur-base indicatorGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueConference MaterialC2
202008Bepaling van de chemische zuurstofbehoefte in een natuurlijk waterGUEDENS, Wanda; REYNDERS, MoniqueConference MaterialC2