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Title: Universal Design Patterns for stoma care away-from-home
Authors: FROYEN, Hubert 
VERDONCK, Evelien 
De Meester, Dirk
Heylighen, Ann
Issue Date: 2009
Source: Australasian Medical Journal, 1 (13), p. 213-215
Abstract: Accommodating the real diversity of user populations, including those with physical and/or mental impairments and functional limitations, requires a large amount of design information in connection with human dis-abilities(limitations and possibilities). In order to collect and organise this information for designers and decision makers, Universal Design Patterns(UD PAtterns) offer descriptive information about, on the one hand, CONFLICTS, between users and built environments, and on the other hand, empirically evident design RESOLUTIONS. Direct collaboration with users/experts was tested in the development of a specific UD Pattern for a (Semi-)ambulant accessible toilet for personal care, with specific emphasis on stoma-care in public facilities. The paper illustrates how people with ostomies and care-givers communicate with researchers, and how relevant design information is extracted and structured. On a more general level, results show how environment-related dimensions of human functioning differ from medical aspects, and how direct involvement of end-users enriches the content of design information.
Keywords: accessibility; disability, evidence-based design; stoma care; Universal Design; Universal Design Patterns; users / experts
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ISSN: 1836-1935
DOI: 10.4066/AMJ.2009.159
Category: A2
Type: Journal Contribution
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