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FROYEN, Hubert
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12021‘Light up for all’ Building knowledge on Universal Design through direct user contact in design workshopsIELEGEMS, Elke ; FROYEN, Hubert ; HERSSENS, Jasmien ; VANRIE, Jan Proceedings PaperC1
22019“Design for All” manual: from users’ needs to inclusive design strategiesMosca, Erica; HERSSENS, Jasmien ; Rebecchi, Andrea; FROYEN, Hubert ; Capolongo, StefanoProceedings PaperC1
32016UD week 2016Artistic/designerly creationAOR
42016UD filmfestivalArtistic/designerly creationAOR
52015Designing for Sustainability: A Framework for Sustainable Architecture built on the Perspective of Universal DesignHERSSENS, Jasmien ; Dujardin, Marc; FROYEN, Hubert Book SectionB2
62015En-abling Physical Environments. Prescriptive and descriptive approaches for Universal Design.FROYEN, Hubert ; HERSSENS, Jasmien Journal ContributionA2
72014Inclusive Housing (Lab) for All: a home for research, demonstration and information on Universal Design (UD)HERSSENS, Jasmien ; NIJS, Mieke ; FROYEN, Hubert Proceedings PaperC1
82014En-abling Physical Environments. Prescriptive and descriptive approaches for Universal DesignFROYEN, Hubert ; HERSSENS, Jasmien Proceedings PaperC2
92011Universal Design Patterns: designing a web-based tool with architectsVERDONCK, Evelien ; FROYEN, Hubert Proceedings PaperC1
102011Collaborative writing of contemporary Universal Design PatternsFROYEN, Hubert ; VERDONCK, Evelien Proceedings PaperC2
112011Design support tools in practice: The architects' perspectiveVERDONCK, Evelien ; WEYTJENS, Lieve ; VERBEECK, Griet ; FROYEN, Hubert Proceedings PaperC1
122009Architecture Criticism BlindfoldedHeylighen, Ann; HERSSENS, Jasmien ; FROYEN, Hubert Proceedings PaperC1
132009Mapping and documenting conflicts between Users and Built EnvironmentsFROYEN, Hubert ; VERDONCK, Evelien ; De Meester, Dirk; Heylighen, AnnProceedings PaperC1
142008Buildings Revis(it)edFROYEN, Hubert ; HERSSENS, Jasmien ; Heylighen AnnJournal ContributionA3
152008Universal design voor de gebouwde omgevingFROYEN, Hubert ; HERSSENS, Jasmien Book SectionB3
162006Ontwerpen voor iedereen: integraal en inclusiefFROYEN, Hubert ; Asaert, Carl; Dujardin, Marc; HERSSENS, Jasmien BookB3