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Title: Collaborative writing of contemporary Universal Design Patterns
Authors: FROYEN, Hubert 
VERDONCK, Evelien 
Issue Date: 2011
Source: Presentation abstracts of the 2nd PUARL International Symposium 2011: Generative Process, Pattern Languages & the Urban Challenge, p. 8-8
Abstract: From a historic point of view, pattern languages have been embedded in the living 'culture of building'(Davis,1999) for many centuries. In the seventies Christopher Alexander and his team have documented a series of such (universal) patterns in the static form of a book. Over thirty years on, some traditional patterns are being questioned by a new social awareness of human diversity. A new perception of human 'dis-abilities', the insight in new environment-related disabilities(handicap situations), and the prevalence of disability in the aging population all fundamentally challenge current design patterns. the Concept of Universal Design is about a new quality relationship between a diversity of users(old and young) and human-made objects and physical environments. It goes beyond the mere provision of special features for various segments of the population, instead it emphasizes a creative and inclusive approach to make the built environment better for everyone. The main topic explored in this paper deals with the new Universal Design paradigm, and more particularly with the question how specific Universal Design Patterns might permit us to communicate through ICT and in real time with Lead Users (Von Hippel,1986) 3 or so called users(-experts) of built environments. How we can use dynamic Universal Design pattern databases as a forum for 'design negotiation', and as part of sets of powerful contemporary design support tools?
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Type: Proceedings Paper
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