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Title: The influence of mixing methods and disinfectant on the physical properties of alginate impression materials
Authors: Dreesen, Karoline
Kellens, Annelies
Wevers, Martine
Willems, Guy
Issue Date: 2013
Source: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS. 35 (3), p. 381-387.
Abstract: The aims of this in vitro study were to quantify the effect of manual versus automatic mixing and of using a disinfectant on mechanical properties of three different alginate impression materials. Two of the three alginates tested were especially developed for orthodontic use: Orthotrace and Orthofine while the third was a conventional alginate CA37FS. Alginates were mixed by hand or automatically using a Cavex alginate mixer II. Mixing was performed at room temperature using tap water. The material was allowed to set in a water bath at 35°C (±1°C), simulating intra-oral setting conditions, and half of the samples were disinfected before testing. For each tested material, 10 standardized samples were used. The disinfectant used was the CavexImpreSafe that has a bactericide, virucide and fungicide function. The specimens were exposed for 3 minutes in a 3% solution and were then tested according the ISO 1563:1990 (E) standard specifications. Descriptive statistics and three-way analysis of variance were performed, and a 5% significance level was used for statistical analysis. Evaluation of tensile strength and elastic recovery of different alginate samples, hand versus automatical mixing or disinfected versus non disinfected, resulted in significant differences for all materials except for Orthofine. Considering detail reproduction, all three alginates evaluated reproduced the 50-μm line successfully without interruption. The mixing method can significantly affect the elastic recovery and tensile strength of the alginates tested while the effect of using a disinfectant is less explicit.
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ISSN: 0141-5387
e-ISSN: 1460-2210
DOI: 10.1093/ejo/cjs031
ISI #: 000319748500016
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
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