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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12013Evaluation of Progression Free Survival as a surrogate for Overall Survival for prostate cancer treatment: Software developmentBIGIRUMURAME, Theophile ; SHKEDY, Ziv ; BURZYKOWSKI, Tomasz ; VAN SANDEN, Suzy ; THILAKARATHNE, Pushpike ; Dries, JorisConference MaterialC2
22013aBioMarVsuit: A Biomarker Validation Suit for predicting Survival using gene signatureTHILAKARATHNE, Pushpike ; SHKEDY, Ziv ; OTAVA, Martin ; Talloen, Willem; Bijnens, Luc; Kasim, AdetayoJournal ContributionA1
32013The influence of mixing methods and disinfectant on the physical properties of alginate impression materialsDreesen, Karoline; Kellens, Annelies; Wevers, Martine; THILAKARATHNE, Pushpike ; Willems, GuyJournal ContributionA1
42012R Package PamGeneMixed: reprocessing and Modeling Kinase Activity Profiles in PamChip DataTHILAKARATHNE, Pushpike ; SHKEDY, Ziv ; LIN, Dan OtherO
52012Identifying Differentially Expressed genes in the Absence of ReplicationTHILAKARATHNE, Pushpike ; VERBEKE, Geert ; Engelen, Kristof; Marchal, Kathleen; LIN, Dan Journal ContributionA1
62011Modeling the asymmetric evolution of a mouse and rat-specific microRNA gene cluster intron 10 of the Sfmbt2 geneLehnert, Stefan; Kapitonov, Vladimir; THILAKARATHNE, Pushpike ; Schuit, Frans C.Journal ContributionA1
72011The use of semiparametric mixed models to analyze PamChip® peptide array data: an application to an oncology experimentTHILAKARATHNE, Pushpike ; CLEMENT, Lieven ; LIN, Dan ; SHKEDY, Ziv ; KASIM, Adetayo ; TALLOEN, Willem ; Versele, Matthias; VERBEKE, Geert Journal ContributionA1
82009A Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Model for Estimating Calibration Intervals for Unknown Concentrations in Two-Color Microarray Data with Spike-InsTHILAKARATHNE, Pushpike ; VERBEKE, Geert ; Engelen, Kristof; Marchal, KathleenJournal ContributionA1
92009Evidence for Co-Evolution between Human MicroRNAs and Alu-RepeatsLehnert, Stefan; Van Loo, Peter; THILAKARATHNE, Pushpike ; Marynen, Peter; VERBEKE, Geert ; Schuit, Frans C.Journal ContributionA1