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Title: Application of an Activity-based Transportation Model for Flanders: Activity-based models and transportation demand management policies
Authors: KOCHAN, Bruno 
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Abstract: In this book the different steps in the operationalization of an activity-based model for Flanders(Belgium) inside the FEATHERS activity-based simulation framework are worked out. FEATHERS with its modular structure, is meant to accommodate different actiity-based models so that this framework can be used as a research instrument for transportation researchers. Furthermore, in order to make use of a specific activity-based model for Flanders, this book reports on the validation process of the activity-based model that was chosen. As the activity-based model inside FEATHERS performs well, this micro simulation framework together with its current activity-based model can be used in a next step to investigate transportation demand management policies for Flanders such as a telecommuting scenario and an electric vehicles power demand scenario.
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ISBN: 978-3659127830
Category: B1
Type: Book
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