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Title: Congruency of crossmodal correspondence between an ambient scent and a product packaging: the effect on packaging preference
Authors: Adams, Carmen 
Douce, Lieve 
Janssens, Wim 
Issue Date: 2014
Source: Consumer Sensory Innovation Lab - Understanding The Customer’s Sensory Experience, Philadelphia, VS, 5/6/2014 - 6/6/2014
Abstract: This paper focuses on whether congruency at the crossmodal correspondence level between an ambient scent and a product packaging leads to a higher preference for that product packaging than when they are incongruent. The crossmodal correspondence under study is the ‘angularity’ versus ‘roundness’ aspect. Pilot studies made clear that (1) rosemary is perceived as an angular scent and rose is perceived as a rounded scent, and (2) the pasta product penne has no inherently angular or rounded aspect. This enables us to design a product package for penne that is either angular or rounded without a potential bias by the product’s angularity or roundness itself. In the main study, participants will be asked, while being present in one of three ambient scent conditions (i.e., no scent, angular rosemary scent or rounded rose scent), to indicate their preference for the rounded or the angular packaging containing the neutral product ‘penne’.
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Type: Conference Material
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