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Title: Variation of DNA methylation in candidate age-related targets on the mitochondrial-telomere axis in cord blood and placenta
Authors: JANSSEN, Bram 
Byun, H. M.
COX, Bianca 
GYSELAERS, Wilfried 
Izzi, B.
Baccarelli, Andrea A.
Issue Date: 2014
Source: PLACENTA, 35 (9), p. 665-672
Abstract: Background: Epigenetics is tissue-specific and potentially even cell-specific, but little information is available from human reproductive studies about the concordance of DNA methylation patterns in cord blood and placenta, as well as within-placenta variations. We evaluated methylation levels at promoter regions of candidate genes in biological ageing pathways (SIRT1, TP53, PPARG, PPARGC1A, and TFAM), a subtelomeric region (D4Z4) and the mitochondrial genome (MT-RNR1, D-loop). Methods: Ninety individuals were randomly chosen from the ENVIRONAGE birth cohort to evaluate methylation concordance between cord blood and placenta using highly quantitative bisulfite-PCR pyrosequencing. In a subset of nineteen individuals, a more extensive sampling scheme was performed to examine within-placenta variation. Results: The DNA methylation levels of the subtelomeric region and mitochondrial genome showed concordance between cord blood and placenta with correlation coefficients ranging from r = 0.31 to 0.43, p <= 0.005, and also between the maternal and foetal sides of placental tissue (r = 0.53 to 0.72, p <= 0.05). For the majority of targets, an agreement in methylation levels between four foetal biopsies was found (with intra-class correlation coefficients ranging from 0.16 to 0.72), indicating small within-placenta variation. Conclusions: The methylation levels of the subtelomeric region (D4Z4) and mitochondrial genome (MT-RNR1, D-loop) showed concordance between cord blood and placenta, suggesting a common epigenetic signature of these targets between tissues. Concordance was lacking between the other genes that were studied. In placental tissue, methylation patterns of most targets on the mitochondrial-telomere axis were not strongly influenced by sample location.
Notes: Nawrot, TS (reprint author), Hasselt Univ, Ctr Environm Sci, Agoralaan Gebouw D, B-3590 Diepenbeek,;
Keywords: ageing; cord blood; concordance; DNA methylation; epigenetics; placenta; within-placenta variation
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ISSN: 0143-4004
e-ISSN: 1532-3102
DOI: 10.1016/j.placenta.2014.06.371
ISI #: 000342961400001
Rights: © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
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