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Title: Towards inclusive careers: Reimagining, rethinking and reshaping careers from the perspective of disadvantaged groups
Authors: VAN LAER, Koen 
Verbruggen, Marijke
Janssens, Maddy
Issue Date: 2014
Source: 30th EGOS Colloquium, Rotterdam, 3-5/July/2014
Abstract: In recent decades, we have seen the emergence of the ‘new’ career discourse, describing the rise of ‘new’ careers, characterized by increased career mobility driven by personal initiative and marketable skills and networks. The goal of this article is bringing the voice of disadvantaged groups in the conversations about ‘new’ careers, which currently mainly seem to reflect the experiences of relatively privileged individuals on the labour market. Drawing on the literature on the careers and organizational experiences of historically disadvantaged groups, on the diversity literature, and on qualitative material about the careers of individuals from disadvantaged groups, this article explores whether the career models proposed in the ‘new’ career discourse can be considered to be inclusive. After highlighting the problematic nature of the ‘new’ career models from the perspective of disadvantaged groups, we explore how we could move towards more inclusive career models. We argue that this will involve reimagining, rethinking and reshaping dominant norms guiding organizations and the labour market, and require fundamental structural changes on the labour market and in organizations.
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Type: Conference Material
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