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Title: Logic-based query languages for the linear constraint database model
Authors: VANDEURZEN, Luc 
Advisors: GYSSENS, Marc
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: UHasselt Diepenbeek
Abstract: In this work, we concentrate on the linear constraint database model. The main contributions of this research dissertation can be summarized as follows: 1. We provide a list of queries of which we show that they can be expressed in FO + linear, i.e., the relational calculus extended with linear constraints, and a tool which can be used to prove non-expressibility of a query in FO + linear. We show that the type of the coefficients of the linear constraints used in the linear constraint database model does influence certain results. We also prove that it is undecidable whether a linear query expressible in FO + poly, i.e., the relational calculus extended with polynomial constraints, can be expressed in FO + linear. 2. We propose a technique to decompose semi-linear sets (figures representable with linear constraints) into convex cells which is expressible in FO + poly. As a side-effect, we obtain algorithms, implementable in FO + poly, to compute a finite representation of an arbitrary semi-linear set and to recompute a semilinear set from its finite representation. 3. We show that it is decidable whether a geometric figure definable with polynomial constraints is semi-linear. 4. We present two sound extensions of FO + linear for linear queries expressible in FO + poly. One extension can be seen as a bridge between GDT-based query languages and FO + linear, while the other extension results in a query language of which the expressive power can be characterized in terms of the ruler and compass constructions in the two-dimensional plane. We also show that there exist query languages which are complete for the linear queries expressible in FO + poly.
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