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Title: An Affine-invariant Time-dependent Triangulation of Spatio-temporal Data
Authors: HAESEVOETS, Sofie 
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: ArXiv (Corr)
Abstract: In the geometric data model for spatio-temporal data, introduced by Chomicki and Revesz [6], spatio-temporal data are modelled as a finite collection of triangles that are transformed by time-dependent affinities of the plane. To facilitate querying and animation of spatiotemporal data, we present a normal form for data in the geometric data model. We propose an algorithm for constructing this normal form via a spatio-temporal triangulation of geometric data objects. This triangulation algorithm generates new geometric data objects that partition the given objects both in space and in time. A particular property of the proposed partition is that it is invariant under time-dependent affine transformations, and hence independent of the particular choice of coordinate system used to describe the spatiotemporal data in. We can show that our algorithm works correctly and has a polynomial time complexity (of reasonably low degree in the number of input triangles and the maximal degree of the polynomial functions that describe the transformation functions). We also discuss several possible applications of this spatio-temporal triangulation.
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Category: R2
Type: Research Report
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