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Title: Recent developments of wide-bandgap semiconductor based UV sensors
Authors: BenMoussa, A.
Soltani, A.
Schuehle, U.
Chong, Y. M.
Zhang, W. J.
Dahal, R.
Lin, J. Y.
Jiang, H. X.
Barkad, H.A.
BENMOUSSA, Boumediene 
Bolsee, D.
Hermans, C.
Kroth, U.
Laubis, C.
MORTET, Vincent 
De Jaeger, J. C.
Giordanengo, B.
Richter, M.
Scholze, F.
Hochedez, J. F.
Issue Date: 2009
Source: DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS, 18(5-8). p. 860-864
Abstract: Future missions for space astronomy and solar research require innovative vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) photodetectors. Present UV and VUV detectors exhibit serious limitations in performance, technology complexity and lifetime stability. New developments of metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) solar-blind photodetectors based on diamond, cubic boron nitride (c-BN), and wurtzite aluminum nitride (AlN) are reported. In the wavelength range of interest. the characteristics of the MSM photodetectors present extremely low dark current. high breakdown voltage. and good responsivity. Diamond, c-BN, and AlN MSM photodetectors are sensitive and stable under UV irradiation. They show a 200 nm to 400 nm rejection ratio of more than four orders of magnitude and demonstrate the advantages of wide band gap materials for VUV radiation detection in space. (C) 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Notes: [BenMoussa, A.; Giordanengo, B.; Hochedez, J. F.] STCE, Royal Observ Belgium, B-1180 Brussels, Belgium. [Soltani, A.; Barkad, H. A.; De Jaeger, J. C.] CNRS, IEMN 8520, F-59652 Villeneuve Dascq, France. [Schuehle, U.] Max Planck Inst Sonnensyst Forsch, D-37191 Katlenburg Lindau, Germany. [Haenen, K.; BenMoussa, B.; Mortet, V.] Hasselt Univ, Inst Mat Res, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium. [Chong, Y. M.; Zhang, W. J.] COSDAF, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Peoples R China. [Chong, Y. M.; Zhang, W. J.] City Univ Hong Kong, Dept Phys & Mat Sci, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Peoples R China. [Dahal, R.; Lin, J. Y.; Jiang, H. X.] Kansas State Univ, Dept Phys, Manhattan, KS 66506 USA. [Lin, J. Y.; Jiang, H. X.] Texas Tech Univ, Nanotech Ctr, Lubbock, TX 79409 USA. [Lin, J. Y.; Jiang, H. X.] Texas Tech Univ, Dept ECE, Lubbock, TX 79409 USA. [Bolsee, D.; Hermans, C.] BISA, B-1180 Brussels, Belgium. [Kroth, U.; Laubis, C.; Richter, M.; Scholze, F.] Phys Tech Bundesanstalt, D-10587 Berlin, Germany.
Keywords: UV photodetector; MSM; WBGM; Solarblind
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ISSN: 0925-9635
e-ISSN: 1879-0062
DOI: 10.1016/j.diamond.2008.11.013
ISI #: 000267737000039
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
Validations: ecoom 2010
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