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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12005Exploiting Proxy-Based Transcoding to Increase the User Quality of Experience in Networked ApplicationsWIJNANTS, Maarten ; MONSIEURS, Patrick ; QUAX, Peter ; LAMOTTE, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
22005Client-controlled QoS management in networked virtual environmentsMONSIEURS, Patrick ; WIJNANTS, Maarten ; LAMOTTE, Wim Journal ContributionA1
32005Improving the user quality of experience by incorporating intelligent proxies in the networkWIJNANTS, Maarten ; MONSIEURS, Patrick ; LAMOTTE, Wim Research ReportR2
42004Hybrid representations to improve both streaming and rendering of dynamic networked virtual environmentJEHAES, Tom ; QUAX, Peter ; MONSIEURS, Patrick ; LAMOTTE, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
52004Objective and subjective evaluation of the influence of small amounts of delay and jitter on a recent first person shooter gameQUAX, Peter ; MONSIEURS, Patrick ; LAMOTTE, Wim ; de Vleeschauwer, D.; Degrande, N.Proceedings PaperC1
62004Using autonomous avatars to simulate a large-scale multi-user networked virtual environmentQUAX, Peter ; MONSIEURS, Patrick ; JEHAES, Tom ; LAMOTTE, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
72004Performance evaluation of client-side video stream quality selection using autonomous avatarsQUAX, Peter ; MONSIEURS, Patrick ; JEHAES, Tom ; LAMOTTE, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
82003Reducing population size while maintaining diversityMONSIEURS, Patrick ; FLERACKERS, Eddy Journal ContributionA1
92002Evolving virtual agents using genetic programmingMONSIEURS, Patrick Theses and DissertationsT1
102001Reducing bloat in genetic programmingMONSIEURS, Patrick ; FLERACKERS, Eddy Journal ContributionA1
112001Collision avoidance and map construction using synthetic visionMONSIEURS, Patrick ; CONINX, Karin ; FLERACKERS, Eddy Journal ContributionA2
121997Rendering pen-drawings of 3Dscenes on networked processorsCLAES, Johan ; MONSIEURS, Patrick ; VAN REETH, Frank ; FLERACKERS, Eddy Proceedings Paper
131996Ray tracing optimization utilizing projective methodsVAN REETH, Frank ; MONSIEURS, Patrick ; BEKAERT, Philippe ; FLERACKERS, Eddy Journal Contribution