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12011Discovery of an Anionic Polymerization Mechanism for High Molecular Weight PPV Derivatives via the Sulfinyl Precursor RouteCOSEMANS, Inge ; HONTIS, Lieve ; VAN DEN BERGHE, David ; PALMAERTS, Arne ; WOUTERS, Jimmy ; CLEIJ, Thomas ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; MAES, Wouter ; JUNKERS, Tanja ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
22005Block-type architectures for poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivatives: a reality or an illusion?VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; HONTIS, Lieve ; PALMAERTS, Arne ; VAN DEN BERGHE, David ; WOUTERS, Jimmy ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; CLEIJ, Thomas Proceedings PaperC2
32003Verification of radical and anionic polymerization mechanisms in the sulfinyl and the Gilch routeHONTIS, Lieve ; VRINDTS, Veerle ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; LUTSEN, Laurence Journal ContributionA1
42002The polymerisation behaviour of p-quinodimethane systems: verification of radical and anionic mechanisms in the Sulfinyl and the Gilch routeHONTIS, Lieve Theses and DissertationsT1
52001The Gilch polymerisation towards OC1C10-PPV: indications for a radical mechanismHONTIS, Lieve ; VRINDTS, Veerle ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; GELAN, Jan Journal ContributionA1
62001Mechanistic study on the Gilch and the Sulfinyl polymerisation routesHONTIS, Lieve ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; GELAN, Jan Journal ContributionA1
72000Synthesis of electron-rich versus electron-poor poly {[1,4-phenylene]-[1-(n-alkylsulfinyl)ethylene]}s via the sulfinyl precursor route in different organic solventsADRIAENSENS, Peter ; Van der Borght, M; HONTIS, Lieve ; Issaris, A; van Breemen, A; de Kok, M; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; GELAN, Jan Journal ContributionA1
81999Radical as well as anionic polymerisation mechanisms in the synthesis of poly(p-arylene vinylene) precursorsHONTIS, Lieve ; Van der Borght, M; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; GELAN, Jan Journal Contribution