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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12017The Slow Pace of Gender Change in the Academic Profession: Exploring the Role of Defensive Institutional WorkMAMPAEY, Jelle ; Huisman, Jeroen; LUYCKX, Joost ; ROOS, Hannelore ; Veestraeten, MarliesConference MaterialC2
22016Reproducing monocultural education: Ethnic majority staff’s discursive constructions of monocultural school practicesMAMPAEY, Jelle ; ZANONI, Patrizia Journal ContributionA1
32014Managing legitimacy in the educational quasi-market: a study of ethnically diverse, inclusive schools in FlandersMAMPAEY, Jelle ; ZANONI, Patrizia Journal ContributionA1
42013Ondernemerschap van Bulgaarse, Poolse en Roemeense immigranten in VlaanderenMAMPAEY, Jelle Research ReportR2
52013Offset-control attenuates context conditioning induced by US-unpredictability in a human conditioned suppression paradigmMeulders, Ann; MAMPAEY, Jelle ; Boddez, Yannick; Blanco, Fernando; Vansteenwegen, Deborah; Baeyens, FrankJournal ContributionA1
62012Legitimiteitsmanagement van inclusieve scholen in de Vlaamse onderwijsmarkt: een synthese van het neo-institutioneel en impressiemanagement perspectiefMAMPAEY, Jelle Theses and DissertationsT1
72011Achieving ethnic minority students’ inclusion: A Flemish school’s discursive practices countering the quasi-market pressure to excludeZANONI, Patrizia ; MAMPAEY, Jelle Journal ContributionA1
82010The art of inclusion: the case of an inclusive school in an exclusive educational systemMAMPAEY, Jelle ; ZANONI, Patrizia Conference MaterialC2
92009Belgian schools engaging with cultural diversity: A neo-institutional perspectiveMAMPAEY, Jelle ; ZANONI, Patrizia Conference MaterialC2
102009Belgian School Engaging with Cultural DiversityMAMPAEY, Jelle ; ZANONI, Patrizia Conference MaterialC2