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SHAN, Lianchen
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12019Magnetic characterization of oblique angle deposited Co/CoO on gold nanoparticlesJochum, Johanna K.; Saerbeck,Thomas; Lazenka, Vera; Joly, Vincent; SHAN, Lianchen ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; Temst, Kristiaan; Vantomme, Andre; Van Bael, Margriet J.Journal ContributionA1
22014Homopolymers as nanocarriers for the loading of block copolymer micelles with metal salts: a facile way to large-scale ordered arrays of transition- metal nanoparticlesSHAN, Lianchen ; PUNNIYAKOTI, Sathya ; Van Bael, Margriet J.; Temst, Kristiaan; VAN BAEL, Marlies ; Ke, Xiaoxing; Bals, Sara; Van Tendeloo, Gustaaf; D'OLIESLAEGER, Marc ; WAGNER, Patrick ; HAENEN, Ken ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd Journal ContributionA1
32013Controlled synthesis of ultrathin ZnO nanowires using micellar gold nanoparticles as catalyst templatesYIN, Hong ; WANG, Qiushi ; Geburt, Sebastian; Milz, Steffen; RUTTENS, Bart ; DEGUTIS, Giedrius ; D'HAEN, Jan ; SHAN, Lianchen ; PUNNIYAKOTI, Sathya ; D'OLIESLAEGER, Marc ; WAGNER, Patrick ; Ronning, Carsten; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd Journal ContributionA1
42012Dewetting of Patterned Silicon Substrates Leading to a Selective Deposition of Micellar-Based NanoparticlesRISKIN, Alexander ; DE DOBBELAERE, Christopher ; SHAN, Lianchen ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; D'HAEN, Jan ; HARDY, An ; VAN BAEL, Marlies Journal ContributionA1
52012Physical and Chemical Properties of Size-selected Supported NanostructuresSHAN, Lianchen Theses and DissertationsT1
62011One-step growth of Si(3)N(4) stem-branch featured nanostructures: Morphology control by VS and VLS modeWANG, Qiushi; Gao, Wei; SHAN, Lianchen ; Zhang, Jian; Jin, Yunxia; Cong, Ridong; Cui, QiliangJournal ContributionA1