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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12012Impact of functional groups onto the electronic structure of metal electrodes in molecular junctionsSAITNER, Marc ; Eberle, Felix; BACCUS, Johnny ; D'OLIESLAEGER, Marc ; WAGNER, Patrick ; Kolb, Dieter M.; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd Journal ContributionA1
22012Evidence for phase separation of ethanol-water mixtures at the hydrogen terminated nanocrystalline diamond surfaceJANSSENS, Stoffel ; DRIJKONINGEN, Sien ; SAITNER, Marc ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; WAGNER, Patrick ; Larsson, Karin; HAENEN, Ken Journal ContributionA1
32012Interface Properties of Metal-Molecule-Metal Junctions for Electronics ApplicationsSAITNER, Marc Theses and DissertationsT1
42011Tracing Gold Nanoparticle Charge by Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor DevicesGun, Jenny; Gutkin, Vitaly; Lev, Ovadia; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; SAITNER, Marc ; WAGNER, Patrick ; D'OLIESLAEGER, Marc ; Abouzar, Maryam H.; Poghossian, Arshak; Schoening, Michael J.Journal ContributionA1
52010A Molecular Double Decker: Extending the Limits of Current Metal-Molecule Hybrid StructuresEberle, Felix; SAITNER, Marc ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; Kucera, Jan; Gross, Axel; Romanyuk, Andriy; Oelhafen, Peter; D'OLIESLAEGER, Marc ; Manolova, Mila; Kolb, Dieter M.Journal ContributionA1
62010Metallization of Ultra-Thin, Non-Thiol SAMs with Flat-Lying Molecular Units: Pd on 1, 4-DicyanobenzeneEberle, Felix; Metzler, Martin; Kolb, Dieter M.; SAITNER, Marc ; WAGNER, Patrick ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd Journal ContributionA1
72010Metallization of Organic Surfaces: Pd on ThiazoleEberle, Felit; Kayser, Michael; Kolb, Dieter M.; SAITNER, Marc ; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd ; D'OLIESLAEGER, Marc ; Mayer, Dieter; Wirth, AlexandraJournal ContributionA1