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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12022When Is Less More? Studying Bargain Effectiveness in Upscale Store EnvironmentsWILLEMS, Kim; DOUCE, Lieve; Chaudhuri, ArjunProceedings PaperC2
22022Frontline employee expectations on working with physical robots in retailingWILLEMS, Kim; Verhulst, Nanouk; De Gauquier, Laurens; BRENGMAN, MalaikaJournal ContributionA1
32022Brand personality appeal in retailing: Comparing fashion- and grocery retailingWILLEMS, KimJournal ContributionA1
42022Customer Engagement in Multi-Sensory Virtual Reality Advertising: The Effect of Sound and Scent CongruenceBRENGMAN, Malaika; WILLEMS, Kim; De Gauquier, LaurensJournal ContributionA1
52022How customers motive attributions impact intentions to use an interactive kiosk in-storevan de Sanden, Stephanie; WILLEMS, Kim; BRENGMAN, MalaikaJournal ContributionA1
62022Bargain effectiveness in differentiated store environments: The role of store affect, processing fluency, and store familiarityDOUCE, Lieve; WILLEMS, Kim; Chaudhuri, ArjunJournal ContributionA1
72022Is More Social Presence Always Better? Exploring Boundaries to Consumer Acceptance of RobotsWILLEMS, Kim; HOTTAT, Eline; LEROI-WERELDS, Sara; DOUCE, LieveProceedings PaperC2
82021Environmental Simulation Techniques in Retailing: A Review from a Store Atmospheric and Customer Experience PerspectivePETERMANS, Ann; DOUCE, Lieve; WILLEMS, KimBook SectionB2
92021In or out? A field observational study on the placement of entertaining robots in retailingDe Gauquier, L; BRENGMAN, Malaika; WILLEMS, Kim; Cao, HL; Vanderborght, BramJournal ContributionA1
102021Can a retail environment be simulated by photographs?WILLEMS, Kim; DOUCE, Lieve; PETERMANS, AnnJournal ContributionA1
112019Winkelen we binnenkort met robots?BRENGMAN, Malaika; De Gauquier, Laurens; Van de Sanden, Stephanie; WILLEMS, KimBook SectionB2
122019Is robotic shopping set to be the next big thing?BRENGMAN, Malaika; De Gauquier, Laurens; van de Sanden, Stephanie; WILLEMS, KimBook SectionB2
132019In-store location-based marketing with beacons: from inflated expectations to smart use in retailingvan de Sanden, Stephanie; WILLEMS, Kim; BRENGMAN, MalaikaJournal ContributionA1
142019Leveraging advertising to a higher dimension: experimental research on the impact of virtual reality on brand personality impressionsDe Gauquier, Laurens; BRENGMAN, Malaika; WILLEMS, Kim; Van Kerrebroeck, HelenaJournal ContributionA1
152019The impact of representation media on customer engagement in tourism marketing among millennialsWILLEMS, Kim; BRENGMAN, Malaika; Van Kerrebroeck, HelenaJournal ContributionA1
162019Servicescape irritants and customer satisfaction: The moderating role of shopping motives and involvementDemoulin, Nathalie; WILLEMS, KimJournal ContributionA1
172018Can a retail environment be simulated by photographs?PETERMANS, Ann; WILLEMS, Kim; DOUCE, Lieve; VAN CLEEMPOEL, KoenraadProceedings PaperC1
182018Can’t touch this: The impact of Augmented Reality vs. Touch and Non-touch Interfaces on Perceived OwnershipBRENGMAN, Malaika; WILLEMS, Kim; Van Kerrebroeck, HelenaJournal ContributionA1
192017In-store proximity marketing: Experimenting with digital point-of-sales communicationWILLEMS, Kim; BRENGMAN, Malaika; Van De Sanden, StephanieJournal ContributionA1
202017Touching the void: exploring consumer perspectives on touch-enabling technologies in online retailingVan Kerrebroeck, Helena; WILLEMS, Kim; BRENGMAN, MalaikaJournal ContributionA1