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ROES, Remco
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12021RadiationsArtistic/designerly creationAOR
22021Spoken periphery: The performed traversal of (secular)(sacred)(space)(in the digital age) as a field of researchArtistic/designerly creationAOR
32021Transcoding Structural Ornamentation: A track-report of migrating characteristics around Villa EmpainROES, Remco ; Fullaondo, Usoa; CLAES, Koenraad Journal ContributionA1
42020Laboratory for structural ornamentation. Research residency @ Villa Empain (Boghossian Foundation)Artistic/designerly creationAOR
52020Visual essay: recollections of an allegoristROES, Remco Journal ContributionA1
62020re:bodying the virtual: a bilateral excavation in virtual interior(s)ROES, Remco ; Garlick, AlisJournal ContributionA1
72019PamplemousseArtistic/designerly creationAOR
82019lost and found: a recollection of the refusedROES, Remco ; CLAES, Koenraad Journal ContributionA2
92019Frame invites #2: sabotageArtistic/designerly creationAOR
102019PamplemousseArtistic/designerly creationAOR
112018Conversations between InteriorsROES, Remco ; Snowdon, PeterJournal ContributionA1
122018AZIMUTH - Een beeld gedacht tussen kustlijn en horizonArtistic/designerly creationAOR
132018BIT ROT: digitaal gedragenArtistic/designerly creationAOR
142018INTER-MERZ: shape-sculpt-scaleROES, Remco ; CLAES, Koenraad Journal ContributionA2
152018Intermerzz (Dem Philosoof ist nichts zu doof)Artistic/designerly creationAOR
162018EXC204 / R70Artistic/designerly creationAOR
172018Three found resonance: wandering from sublime space to zen gardenROES, Remco Book SectionB2
182018Between world view, street life and self image: An experiential topography of IstanbulArtistic/designerly creationAOR
192017The nearness of being closeArtistic/designerly creationAOR
202017Until I see your dream in dark skies: About Spaces and Intentions, Bodies real and virtualROES, Remco ; Snowdon, PeterJournal ContributionA1