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12021Constrained standardization of count data from massive parallel sequencingVAN HOUTVEN, Joris ; Cuypers, Bart; Meysman, Pieter; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Laukens, Kris; VALKENBORG, Dirk PreprintO
22021CONSTANd: An Efficient Normalization Method for Relative Quantification in Small-and Large-Scale Omics Experiments in R BioConductor and PythonVAN HOUTVEN, Joris ; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Laukens, Kris; VALKENBORG, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
32021Towards Building a Quantitative Proteomics Toolbox in Precision Medicine: A Mini-ReviewCORREA ROJO, Alejandro ; HEYLEN, Dries ; AERTS, Jan ; THAS, Olivier ; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Ertaylan, Gokhan; VALKENBORG, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
42021Constrained Standardization of Count Data from Massive Parallel SequencingVAN HOUTVEN, Joris ; Cuypers , B; Meysman, P; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Laukens, K; VALKENBORG, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
52020PRiSM: A prototype for exhaustive, restriction-free database searching for mass spectrometry-based identificationVAN HOUTVEN, Joris ; Boonen, Kurt; Geert Baggerman, |; Askenazi, Manor; Laukens, Kris; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; VALKENBORG, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
62019QCQuan: a web tool for the automated assessment of protein expression and data quality of labeled mass spectrometry experiments.VAN HOUTVEN, Joris ; AGTEN, Annelies ; Boonen, Kurt; Baggerman, Geert; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Laukens, Kris; VALKENBORG, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
72019MIND: A Double-Linear Model To Accurately Determine Monoisotopic Precursor Mass in High-Resolution Top-Down ProteomicsLermyte, Frederik; Dittwald, Piotr; CLAESEN, Jurgen ; Baggerman, Geert; Sobott, Frank; O'Connor, Peter B.; Laukens, Kris; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Gambin, Anna; VALKENBORG, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
82019Molecular drug susceptibility testing and strain typing of tuberculosis by DNA hybridizationWood, Hillary N.; Venken, Tom; Willems, Hanny; Jacobs, An; Reis, Ana Julia; Almeida da Silva, Pedro Eduardo; Homolka, Susanne; Niemann, Stefan; Rohde, Kyle H.; HOOYBERGHS, Jef Journal ContributionA1
92019Enhancing the Performance of DNA Surface-Hybridization Biosensors through Target DepletionNomidis, Stefanos K.; Szymonik, Michal; Venken, Tom; Carlon, Enrico; HOOYBERGHS, Jef Journal ContributionA1
102019Role of nanoparticle size and sialic acids in the distinct time-evolution profiles of nanoparticle uptake in hematopoietic progenitor cells and monocytesWATHIONG, Bart ; DEVILLE, Sarah ; Jacobs, An; SMISDOM, Nick ; GERVOIS, Pascal ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Nelissen, IngeJournal ContributionA1
112018Cell detection by surface imprinted polymers SIPs: A study to unravel the recognition mechanismsYongabi, Derick; KHORSHID, Mehran ; LOSADA-PEREZ, Patricia ; Eersels, Kasper; Deschaume, Olivier; D'HAEN, Jan ; Bartic, Carmen; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; THOELEN, Ronald ; Wubbenhorst, Michael; WAGNER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
122017Thermodynamic framework to assess low abundance DNA mutation detection by hybridizationWillems, Hanny; Jacobs, An; Hadiwikarta, Wahyu Wijaya; Venken, Tom; VALKENBORG, Dirk ; Van Roy, Nadine; Vandesompele, Jo; HOOYBERGHS, Jef Journal ContributionA1
132017Direct detection of nano-scale extracellular vesicles derived from inflammation-triggered endothelial cells using surface plasmon resonanceHOSSEINKHANI, Baharak ; van den Akker, Nynke; D'HAEN, Jan ; Gagliardi, Mick; STRUYS, Tom ; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; Waltenberger, Johannes; Nelissen, Inge; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Molin, Daniel G. M.; MICHIELS, Luc Journal ContributionA1
142016Nonequilibrium Hybridization Enables Discrimination of a Point Mutation within 5-40 degrees CStancescu, Maria; Fedotova, Tatiana A.; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Balaeff, Alexander; Kolpashchikov, Dmitry M.Journal ContributionA1
152016CONSTANd : a normalization method for isobaric labeled spectra by constrained optimizationMaes, Evelyne; Hadiwikarta, Wahyu Wijaya; Mertens, Inge; Baggerman, Geert; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; VALKENBORG, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
162016Designing biomedical proteomics experiments: state-of-the-art and future perspectivesMaes, Evelyne; Kelchtermans, Pieter; Bittremieux, Wout; De Grave, Kurt; Degroeve, Sven; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; Mertens, Inge; Baggerman, Geert; Ramon, Jan; Laukens, Kris; Martens, Lennart; VALKENBORG, Dirk Journal ContributionA1
172016Transient loading of CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells with polystyrene nanoparticlesDEVILLE, Sarah ; Hadiwikarta, Wahyu Wijaya; SMISDOM, Nick ; WATHIONG, Bart ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; Nelissen, Inge; HOOYBERGHS, Jef Journal ContributionA1
182015Dynamic range extension of hybridization sensorsHadiwikarta, W. W.; Carlon, E.; HOOYBERGHS, Jef Journal ContributionA1
192015Serological diagnosis of bovine neosporosis: a Bayesian evaluation of two Antibody ELISA tests for in vivo diagnosis in purchased an abortion cattle.Roelandt, S.; Van der Stede, Y.; Czaplicki, G.; Van Loo, H.; Van Driessche, E.; Dewulf, J.; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; FAES, Christel Journal ContributionA1
202015Coherent intensity fluctuation model for autocorrelation imaging spectroscopy with higher harmonic generating point scatterers - a comprehensive theoretical studySLENDERS, Eli ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionA1