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12022On The Susceptibility of PID in Perovskite Modules: A Comparison of ITO and Cu ContactsBREUGELMANS, Robbe ; MERCKX, Tamara ; AGUIRRE, Aranzazu ; LAMMAR, Stijn ; CAROLUS, Jorne ; AERNOUTS, Tom ; VERMANG, Bart ; DAENEN, Michael Proceedings PaperC2
22022Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters in Fuel Cell Applications: Thermal Analysis and Reliability ComparisonALAVI, Omid ; RAJABLOO, Talieh ; DE CEUNINCK, Ward ; DAENEN, Michael Journal ContributionA1
42021Stress and strain within photovoltaic modules using the finite element method: A critical reviewNIVELLE, Philippe ; Tsanakas, JA; POORTMANS, Jef ; DAENEN, Michael Journal ContributionA1
52021Practical Challenges of High-Power IGBT’s I-V Curve Measurement and Its Importance in Reliability AnalysisALAVI, Omid ; VAN CAPPELLEN, Leander ; DE CEUNINCK, Ward ; DAENEN, Michael Journal ContributionA1
62021Bondability of ultrasonic Aluminum bonds on the molybdenum (de)selenide and molybdenum of back contact layer of copper indium gallium (de)selenide CIGS thin film photovoltaic solar panelBASHER, Hassan ; Zulkifli, Muhammad Nubli; Rahmat, Mohd Khairil; Rahman, Muhammad Ghazali Abdul; Jalar, Azman; DAENEN, Michael Journal ContributionA1
72021Effect of Ultrasonic Bonding Parameters on the Contact Resistance and Bondability Performances of CIGS Thin Film Photovoltaic Solar PanelBASHER, Hassan ; Zulkifli, Muhammad Nubli; Jalar, Azman; DAENEN, Michael Journal ContributionA1
82021Reliability Analysis Framework for a Grid-Tied PV-Battery System: Influence of PV and Battery Degradation on Reliability of Power Electronic SystemsALAVI, Omid ; VAN DE SANDE, Wieland ; VAN CAPPELLEN, Leander ; DE CEUNINCK, Ward ; DAENEN, Michael Proceedings PaperC2
92021Impact of Measurement Data Time Resolution on Predicted Lifetime of PV Inverters in Residential Solar Panel SystemsALAVI, Omid ; VAN DE SANDE, Wieland ; VAN CAPPELLEN, Leander ; DAENEN, Michael Proceedings PaperC1
102021Experimental Analysis of Laminated Bus Bars for Building-Integrated Photovoltaic ApplicationsRavyts, S; NIVELLE, Philippe ; CAROLUS, Jorne ; Sabariego, R; DAENEN, Michael ; Driesen, J; Cappelle, JProceedings PaperC1
112021A grey box model for shunting-type potential induced degradation in silicon photovoltaic cells under environmental stressSchils, Arnaud; BREUGELMANS, Robbe ; CAROLUS, Jorne ; Ascencio-Vásquez, Julián; Wabbes, Andreas; Bertrand, Emmanuelle; Aldalali, Bader; DAENEN, Michael ; Voroshazi, Eszter; Scheerlinck, StijnProceedings PaperC1
122021Unraveling the cause of degradation in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 photovoltaics under potential induced degradationPUROHIT, Zeel ; CAROLUS, Jorne ; Chaliyawala, Harsh; Jain, Shubhendra K.; Gundimeda, Abhiram; Gupta, Govind; Tripathi, Brijesh; DAENEN, Michael Journal ContributionA2
132021Impact of Potential Induced Degradation (PID) on Different Architectures Based Perovskite Solar CellsPUROHIT, Zeel ; Song, Wenya; CAROLUS, Jorne ; Chaliyawala, Harsh; Lammar, Stijn; Merckx, Tamara; Aernouts, Tom; Tripathi, Brijesh; DAENEN, Michael Journal ContributionA1
142020The Sensitivity of an Electro-Thermal Photovoltaic DC–DC Converter Model to the Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Variables for Reliability AnalysesVAN DE SANDE, Wieland ; Ravyts, Simon; ALAVI, Omid ; NIVELLE, Philippe ; Driesen, Johan; DAENEN, Michael Journal ContributionA1
152020Practical Considerations for Designing Reliable DC/DC Converters, Applied to a BIPV CaseRavyts, Simon; VAN DE SANDE, Wieland ; Vecchia, Mauricio; Van den Broeck, Giel; Duraij, Martijn; MARTINEZ, Wilmar ; DAENEN, Michael ; Driesen, JohanJournal ContributionA1
162020Thermo-Mechanical Stress Comparison of a GaN and SiC MOSFET for Photovoltaic ApplicationsVAN DE SANDE, Wieland ; ALAVI, Omid ; NIVELLE, Philippe ; D'HAEN, Jan ; DAENEN, Michael Journal ContributionA1
172020Influence of PV and Battery Degradation on Residential Solar Panel SystemsALAVI, Omid ; DE CEUNINCK, Ward ; MEURIS, Marc ; DAENEN, Michael Proceedings PaperC1
182020Economic Study of Battery Profitability in Residential Solar Panel Systems: A Case Study of BelgiumALAVI, Omid ; Despeghel, Jolien; DE CEUNINCK, Ward ; MEURIS, Marc ; Driesen, Johan; DAENEN, Michael Proceedings PaperC1
192020Encapsulant-Integrated Interconnection of Bifacial Solar Cells for BIPV Applications: Latest Results in the Twill-BIPV ProjectGovaerts, Jonathan; BORGERS, Tom; Van Dyck, Rik; Andries, Nick; Meyers, Pieter; Van Der Heide, Arvid; Vastmans, Luc; Moors, Reinoud; Doumen, Geert; NIVELLE, Philippe ; DAENEN, Michael ; Voroshazi, Eszter; Arnett, Chad; Labie, Riet; Van Den Storme, Manuel; Van Den Storme, Guy; Vandebroek, Steven; Schroyen, Peter; Smeers, Kris; Vavilkin, Tatjana; Dewallef, Stefan; Abgrall, Florent; Jousset, Dominique; POORTMANS, Jef Proceedings PaperC1
202020Precursor Design Strategies for the Low‐Temperature Synthesis of Functional Oxides: It's All in the ChemistryMARCHAL, Wouter ; DE SLOOVERE, Dries ; DAENEN, Michael ; VAN BAEL, Marlies ; HARDY, An Journal ContributionA1