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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12022Identifying Opportunities to Reimagine Parametric Modeling for MakersVEUSKENS, Tom ; LEEN, Danny ; RAMAKERS, Raf Conference MaterialC2
22021A Survey and Taxonomy of Electronics Toolkits for Interactive and Ubiquitous Device PrototypingLAMBRICHTS, Mannu ; RAMAKERS, Raf ; Hodges, Steve; COPPERS, Sven ; Devine, JamesJournal ContributionA1
32021CODA: A Design Assistant to Facilitate Specifying Constraints and Parametric Behavior in CAD ModelsVEUSKENS, Tom ; HELLER, Florian ; RAMAKERS, Raf Proceedings PaperC1
42020SoftMod: A Soft Modular Plug-and-Play Kit for Prototyping Electronic SystemsLAMBRICHTS, Mannu ; TIJERINA MUNOZ, Jose Maria ; RAMAKERS, Raf Proceedings PaperC1
52020DIY Fabrication of High Performance Multi-Layered Flexible PCBsLAMBRICHTS, Mannu ; TIJERINA MUNOZ, Jose Maria ; DE WEYER, Tom ; RAMAKERS, Raf Proceedings PaperC1
62020LamiFold: Fabricating Objects with Integrated Mechanisms Using a Laser cutter Lamination Workflow 2020LEEN, Danny ; peek, Nadya; RAMAKERS, Raf Proceedings PaperC1
72020AirTouch: 3D-printed Touch-Sensitive Objects Using Pneumatic Sensing2020Tejada, Carlos E.; RAMAKERS, Raf ; Boring, Sebastian; Ashbrook, DanielProceedings PaperC1
82020A Model-Based Sensor Fusion Approach for Force and Shape Estimation in Soft RoboticsNavarro, Stefan Escaida; NAGELS, Steven ; Alagi, Hosam; Faller, Lisa-Marie; Goury, Olivier; Morales-Bieze, Thor; Zangl, Hubert; Hein, Bjoern; RAMAKERS, Raf ; DEFERME, Wim ; Zheng, Gang; Duriez, ChristianJournal ContributionA1
92020Rataplan: Resilient Automation of User Interface Actions with Multi-modal ProxiesVEUSKENS, Tom ; LUYTEN, Kris ; RAMAKERS, Raf Journal ContributionA1
102019StackMold: Rapid Prototyping of Functional Multi-Material Objects with Selective Levels of Surface DetailsValkeneers Tom; LEEN, Danny ; Ashbrook Daniel; RAMAKERS, Raf Proceedings PaperC1
112019JigFab: Computational Fabrication of Constraints to Facilitate Woodworking with Power ToolsLeen, Danny; VEUSKENS, Tom ; LUYTEN, Kris ; RAMAKERS, Raf Proceedings PaperC1
122018Silicone Devices: A Scalable DIY Approach for Fabricating Self-Contained Multi-Layered Soft Circuits using MicrofluidicsNAGELS, Steven ; RAMAKERS, Raf ; LUYTEN, Kris ; DEFERME, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
132018Towards Tool-Support for Robot-Assisted Product Creation in Fab LabsVAN DEN BERGH, Jan ; VAN DEURZEN, Bram ; VEUSKENS, Tom ; RAMAKERS, Raf ; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC1
142017StrutModeling: A Low-Fidelity Construction Kit to Iteratively Model, Test, and Adapt 3D ObjectsLeen, Danny; RAMAKERS, Raf ; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC1
152016RetroFab: A Design Tool for Retrofitting Physical Interfaces using Actuators, Sensors and 3D PrintingRAMAKERS, Raf ; Anderson, Fraser; Grossman, Tovi; Fitzmaurice, GeorgeProceedings PaperC1
162016End-User Control over Physical User-Interfaces: From Digital Fabrication to Real-Time AdaptabilityRAMAKERS, Raf Theses and DissertationsT1
172015PaperPulse: an integrated approach for embedding electronics in paper designsRAMAKERS, Raf ; TODI, Kashyap ; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC1
182015PaperPulse: an integrated approach for embedding electronics in paper designsRAMAKERS, Raf ; TODI, Kashyap ; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC1
192015PaperPulse: An Integrated Approach for Embedding Electronics in Paper DesignsRAMAKERS, Raf ; TODI, Kashyap ; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC1
202015PaperPulse: An Integrated Approach to Fabricating Interactive PaperRAMAKERS, Raf ; TODI, Kashyap ; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC1