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RENIERS, Brigitte
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12021Toward traceable dosimetry for electronic brachytherapy devices with skin applicatorsCOLSON, Dries; Elfried, K.; de Prez, L.; RENIERS, Brigitte; Verhaegen, F.; Lucas, P. Aviles; Derrien, J.; Wieme, M.; Arits, S.; FEDERIGHI, R.; Fernando, G. Y.Journal ContributionM
22021Acceptance procedure of a novel Flash irradiation system with standard dosimetric toolsRENIERS, Brigitte; Felici, G.; Verellen, D.; Vanreusel; Pacitti, M.; Gasparini, A.; Di Martino, F.Journal ContributionM
32021Repeatability and Reproducibility of Microdosimetry With a Mini-TEPCConte, V; Colautti, P; RENIERS, Brigitte; Parisi, A; BIANCHI, Anna; Petringa, G; Cirrone, P; Selva, A; Vanhavere, FJournal ContributionA1
42021Lineal energy calibration of a mini-TEPC via the proton-edge techniqueMazzucconi, D.; RENIERS, Brigitte; Conte, V.; Parisi, A.; Collautti, P.; BIANCHI, Anna; Vanhavere, F.; Selva, A.Journal ContributionA1
52021The effect of different lower detection thresholds in microdosimetric spectra and their mean valuesParisi, Alessio; RENIERS, Brigitte; BIANCHI, Anna; Selva, Anna; Colautti, Paolo; Conte, Valeria; Vanhavere, FilipJournal ContributionA1
62021Repeatibility and reproducibility of microdosimetry with a mini TEPCConte, V; Colautti, P; Cirrone, G; RENIERS, Brigitte; Parisi, A; BIANCHI, Anna; Petringa, G; Struelens, L; Selva, A; Vanhavere, FConference MaterialC2
72021Brachytherapy treatment verification using gamma radiation from the internal treatment source combined with an imaging panel—a phantom studyVanneste, B.; RENIERS, Brigitte; Verhaegen, F.; van Wagenberg, T.; van Beveren, C.; Berbee, M.; van Limbrgen, E.; Lutgens, L.; Podesta, M.; Fonseca, G. P.; Voncken, R.Journal ContributionA1
82021Validation of TOPAS MC for modelling the efficiency of an extended-range coaxial p-type HPGe detectorBRABANTS, Lowie; Lutter, Guillaume; RENIERS, Brigitte; VANDOREN, Bram; SCHROEYERS, Wouter; Paepen, JanJournal ContributionA1
92021BELgian dosimetry Audits in RadioTherapySCHREURS, Sonja; RENIERS, Brigitte; SCHROEYERS, Wouter; YALVAC, Burak; REULENS, NathalieConference MaterialC2
102021Results of the national remote lung SBRT dosimetry audits after 1 yearRENIERS, Brigitte; YALVAC, Burak; REULENS, NathalieConference MaterialC2
112021Characterization of passive dosimeters in proton pencil beam scanning – A EURADOS intercomparison for mailed dosimetry audits in proton therapy centresPyszka, E.; Parisi, A.; Knezevic, Z.; Swakon, J.; Harrison, R. M.; Wochnik, A.; Foltynska, G.; Kopec, R.; Vanhavere, F.; -Hubert, M. De Saint; Stolarczyk, L.; Majer, M.; RENIERS, Brigitte; Michalec, B.; Angelis, C. De; Olko, P.Journal ContributionA1
122020Use of a Luciferase-Expressing Orthotopic Rat Brain Tumor Model to Optimize a Targeted Irradiation Strategy for Efficacy Testing with TemozolomideBiemans, Rianne; Mowday, Alexandra M.; Lieuwes, Natasja G.; Dubois, Ludwig J.; REZAEIFAR, Behzad; RENIERS, Brigitte; Theys, Jan; Verhaegen, Frank; Marcus, DamienneJournal ContributionA1
132020MICRODOSIMETRY AT THE 62 MEV PROTON BEAM LINE OF CATANAMazzucconi, D.; Conte, V.; RENIERS, Brigitte; Parisi, A.; BIANCHI, Anna; Bortot, D.; Pola, A.; Cirrone, G.A.P.; Petringa, G.; Selva, A.Conference MaterialC2
142020Advanced design, simulation, and dosimetry of a novel rectal applicator for contact brachytherapy with a conventional HDR 192Ir sourceVerrijssen, An-Sofie; RENIERS, Brigitte; Fonseca, Gabriel P.; Van Beveren, Celine; Verhaegen, Frank; Roelofs, Erik; Van Limbergen, Evert J.; Bellezzo, Murillo; Yoriyaz, Helio; Voncken, Robert; Berbee, MaaikeJournal ContributionA1
152020BELdART-SBRT: a national mailed audit program for Lung SBRTRENIERS, Brigitte; YALVAC, Burak; REULENS, NathalieConference MaterialC2
162020A method for performing film dosimetry as part of a mailed audit service using a recalibration processRENIERS, Brigitte; YALVAC, BurakConference MaterialC2
172020Microdosimetry at the 62MeV proton beam line of CATANAAgosteo, S.; Conte, V.; Parisi, A.; Bortot, D.; Pola, A.; Cirrone, G.A.P.; Vanhavere, F.; Colautti, P.; Petringa, G.; Mazzucconi, D.; RENIERS, Brigitte; Struelens, L.; BIANCHI, Anna; Tran, L.; Rosenfeld, A.B.; Selva, A.Conference MaterialC2
182020Diamond detector based microdosimetry: key solution in the determination of the radiobiological effectiveness?COLSON, Dries; RENIERS, Brigitte; Magrin, GiulioConference MaterialC2
192020Microdosimetry with a sealed mini-TEPC and a silicon telescope at a clinical proton SOBP of CATANAAgosteo, S.; Conte, V.; Paris, A.; Bortot, D.; Pola, A.; Cirrone, G.A.P.; Vanhavere, F.; Colautti, P.; Petringa, G.; Mazzucconi, D.; RENIERS, Brigitte; Struelens, L.; BIANCHI, Anna; Selva, A.Journal ContributionA1
202020Microdosimetry at the 62 MeV Proton Beam of CATANA: preliminary comparison of three detectorsAgosteo, S; Rosenfeld, A B; Struelens, L; Vanhavere, F; Mazzucconi, D; Conte, V; Colautti, P; RENIERS, Brigitte; Bortot, D; Parisi, A; Cirrone, G A P; BIANCHI, Anna; Tran , Linh; Petringa, G; Selva, A; Pola, AProceedings PaperC1