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12021Radiobiological risks following dentomaxillofacial imaging: should we be concerned?Salmon, Benjamin; Baselet, Bjorn; Tabury, Kevin; Jacobs, Reinhilde; Baatout, Sarah; MOREELS, Marjan; BELMANS, Niels; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; Oenning, Anne; Lucas, StéphaneJournal ContributionA1
22021In vitro Assessment of the DNA Damage Response in Dental Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Following Low Dose X-ray ExposureBaselet, Bjorn; Salmon, Benjamin; Baatout, Sarah; Jacobs, Reinhilde; Vermeesen, Randy; MOREELS, Marjan; BELMANS, Niels; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; Welkenhuysen, Jonas; Lucas, Stéphane; Gilles, LieseJournal ContributionA1
32020Rosiglitazone Protects Endothelial Cells From Irradiation-Induced Mitochondrial DysfunctionBaselet, Bjorn; Baatout, Sarah; Aerts, An; Coninx, Emma; Sieprath, Tom; Sonveaux, Pierre; De Vos, Winnok H.; BELMANS, Niels; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; DRIESEN, RonaldJournal ContributionA1
42020Quantification of DNA Double Strand Breaks and Oxidation Response in Children and Adults Undergoing Dental CBCT ScanSalmon, Benjamin; Baatout, Sarah; Jacobs, Reinhilde; Vermeesen, Randy; MOREELS, Marjan; BELMANS, Niels; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; Virag, Piroska; Hedesiu, Mihaela; Lucas, Stephane; Gilles, LieseJournal ContributionA1
52019Biological effects of ionizing radiation in medical imaging: A prospective study in children and adults following dental cone-beam computed tomographyBELMANS, NielsTheses and DissertationsT1
62019Targeting the Hedgehog pathway in combination with X‑ray or carbon ion radiation decreases migration of MCF‑7 breast cancer cellsKonings, Katrien; Baselet, Bjorn; Baatout, Sarah; Janssen, Ann; Vermeesen, Randy; MOREELS, Marjan; BELMANS, Niels; Lamers, Greta; Isebaert, Sofie; Haustermans, KarinJournal ContributionA1
72019The Combination of Particle Irradiation With the Hedgehog Inhibitor GANT61 Differently Modulates the Radiosensitivity and Migration of Cancer Cells Compared to X-Ray IrradiationKonings, Katrien; Baselet, Bjorn; Baatout, Sarah; Janssen, Ann; Vandevoorde, Chariot; Vermeesen, Randy; BELMANS, Niels; Moreels, Marjan; Isebaert, Sofie; Van Walleghem, Merel; Haustermans, KarinJournal ContributionA1
82019Method validation to assess in vivo cellular and subcellular changes in buccal mucosa cells and saliva following CBCT examinationSalmon, Benjamin; Baatout, Sarah; Jacobs, Reinhilde; BELMANS, Niels; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; Moreels, Marjan; Virag, Piroska; Hedesiu, Mihaela; Lucas, Stéphane; Gilles, LieseJournal ContributionA1
92019Low-dose radiations derived from cone-beam CT induce transient DNA damage and persistent inflammatory reactions in stem cells from deciduous teethSalmon, Benjamin; Brie, Ioana; BELMANS, Niels; Hedesiu, Mihaela; Soritau, Olga; Perde-Schrepler, Maria; Fischer-Fodor, Eva; Moreels, Madan; Pall, Emoke; Jacobs, Reinhilde; Bogdan, Toredana; Virag, Piroska; Lucaciu, OndineJournal ContributionA1
102017Functional Gene Analysis Reveals Cell Cycle Changes and Inflammation in Endothelial Cells Irradiated with a Single X-ray DoseTabury, Kevin; Aerts, An; Coninx, Emma; Janssen, Ann; Sonveaux, Pierre; BELMANS, Niels; Quintens, Roel; Michaux, Arlette; Benotmane, Mohammed A; Baselet, Bjorn; Baatout, Sarah; Raj, Kenneth; Lowe, DonnaJournal ContributionA1