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12022Analysis of age-related left ventricular collagen remodeling in living donors: Implications in arrhythmogenesisPueyo, Esther; Lujan, Lluis; WOLFS, Esther; SMISDOM, Nick; Perez, Marta; DRIESEN, Ronald; Matamala-Adell, Marta; Andre Bellido-Morales, Javier; Javier Mancebon-Sierra, Francisco; Ballester-Cuenca, Carlos; Mountris, Konstantinos; Olivan-Viguera, Aida; Diez, Emiliano; Vazquez-Sancho, Manuel; Fernando Sorribas-Berjon, Juan; Garcia-Mendivil, Laura; Maria Vallejo-Gil, Jose; Fananas-Mastral, Javier; Sebastian Vaca-Nunez, Alexander; Carlos Fresneda-Roldan, Pedro; Perez-Zabalza, Maria; Ordovas, Laura; DUWE, SamJournal ContributionA1
22021Exploring the role of PMP22 in ordered membrane domains of schwann cell differentiated dental stem cells and how it affects cell-matrix interactions (late breaking abstract)GERVOIS, Pascal; Wolfs, Esther; Prior, Robert; Van Den Bosch, Ludo; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; Lambrichts, Ivo; DRIESEN, Ronald; Phillips, James; LIBBERECHT, KarenJournal ContributionM
32021Unraveling the Role of the Apical Papilla During Dental Root MaturationGERVOIS, Pascal; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; DRIESEN, RonaldJournal ContributionA1
42020Glycolaldehyde-modified proteins cause adverse functional and structural aortic remodeling leading to cardiac pressure overloadEVENS, Lize; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; Cöl, Ümare; Schurgers, Wouter; VERBOVEN, Maxim; DRIESEN, Ronald; BRONCKAERS, Annelies; HAESEN, Sibren; DELUYKER, Dorien; BITO, VirginieJournal ContributionA1
52020Rosiglitazone Protects Endothelial Cells From Irradiation-Induced Mitochondrial DysfunctionBaselet, Bjorn; Baatout, Sarah; Aerts, An; Coninx, Emma; Sieprath, Tom; Sonveaux, Pierre; De Vos, Winnok H.; BELMANS, Niels; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; DRIESEN, RonaldJournal ContributionA1
62020Gluteus Maximus Transfer as an Augmentation Technique for Patients With Severe Abductor Deficiency of the HipCORTEN, Kristoff; VANDENABEELE, Frank; DRIESEN, Ronald; Quisquater, Laurent; TIMMERMANS, AnnickJournal ContributionA1
72020Dental Tissue and Stem Cells Revisited: New Insights From the Expression of Fibroblast Activation Protein-AlphaGERVOIS, Pascal; DILLEN, Yorg; WOLFS, Esther; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; DRIESEN, Ronald; HILKENS, Petra; SMISDOM, Nick; BRONCKAERS, Annelies; RATAJCZAK, Jessica; AMELOOT, MarcelJournal ContributionA1
82018Cell Homing for Pulp Tissue Engineering with Endogenous Dentin Matrix ProteinsWidbiller, Matthias; Galler, Kerstin M.; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; Hiller, Karl-Anton; Schmalz, Gottfried; Buchalla, Wolfgang; DRIESEN, Ronald; Eidt, AndreasJournal ContributionA1
92017Dental Pulp Stem Cells: Their Potential in Reinnervation and Angiogenesis by Using ScaffoldsGERVOIS, Pascal; DILLEN, Yorg; WOLFS, Esther; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; DRIESEN, Ronald; BRONCKAERS, Annelies; HILKENS, Petra; RATAJCZAK, JessicaJournal ContributionA1
102017Paracrine Maturation and Migration of SH-SY5Y Cells by Dental Pulp Stem CellsGERVOIS, Pascal; DILLEN, Yorg; WOLFS, Esther; BRONE, Bert; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; HILKENS, Petra; DRIESEN, Ronald; BRONCKAERS, Annelies; STRUYS, Tom; RATAJCZAK, JessicaJournal ContributionA1
112017Evaluating the neuroprotective effect of human dental pulp stem cells using a stroke-related neuronal survival assayGERVOIS, Pascal; DILLEN, Yorg; WOLFS, Esther; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; Himmelreich, U.; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; HILKENS, Petra; DRIESEN, Ronald; BRONCKAERS, Annelies; RATAJCZAK, JessicaJournal ContributionM
122017Pyridoxamine improves survival and limits cardiac dysfunction after MILAMBRICHTS, Ivo; FERFERIEVA, Vesselina; VERBOVEN, Maxim; DRIESEN, Ronald; DELUYKER, Dorien; BITO, VirginieJournal ContributionA1
132017Interdisciplinary advances towards understanding and enhancing the therapeutic potential of stem cell-based therapies for ischaemic strokeGERVOIS, Pascal; DILLEN, Yorg; WOLFS, Esther; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; HILKENS, Petra; DRIESEN, Ronald; BRONCKAERS, Annelies; RATAJCZAK, Jessica; MERCKX, Greet; LO MONACO, MelissaBook SectionB2
142016The Neurovascular Properties of Dental Stem Cells and Their Importance in Dental Tissue EngineeringGERVOIS, Pascal; DILLEN, Yorg; WOLFS, Esther; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; BRONCKAERS, Annelies; DRIESEN, Ronald; HILKENS, Petra; RATAJCZAK, JessicaJournal ContributionA1
152016Application of dental pulp stem cells as gene therapy for head and neck squamous cell cancers (HNSCC)WOLFS, Esther; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; BRONCKAERS, Annelies; HILKENS, Petra; DRIESEN, Ronald; RATAJCZAK, Jessica; MERCKX, Greet; LO MONACO, MelissaJournal ContributionM
162016Cryopreservation and Banking of Dental Stem CellsGERVOIS, Pascal; DILLEN, Yorg; WOLFS, Esther; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; HILKENS, Petra; DRIESEN, Ronald; BRONCKAERS, Annelies; RATAJCZAK, JessicaJournal ContributionA1