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12023Association of indoor dust microbiota with cognitive function and behavior in preschool-aged childrenDOCKX, Yinthe; Taeubel, Martin; HOGERVORST, Janneke; LUYTEN, Leen; PEUSENS, Martien; RASKING, Leen; SLEURS, Hanne; WITTERS, Katrien; PLUSQUIN, Michelle; Valkonen, Maria; NAWROT, Tim; CASAS RUIZ, LidiaJournal ContributionA1
22022Black carbon reaches the kidneysRASKING, Leen; Koshy, P.; BONGAERTS, Eva; BOVE, Hannelore; AMELOOT, Marcel; De Vusser, K.; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionM
32022Adverse Effects of fine particulate matter on human kidney functioning: a systematic reviewRASKING, Leen; VANBRABANT, Kenneth; BOVE, Hannelore; PLUSQUIN, Michelle; De Vusser, Katrien; ROELS, Harry; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionA1
42022Association of Newborn Telomere Length With Blood Pressure in ChildhoodMARTENS, Dries; SLEURS, Hanne; DOCKX, Yinthe; RASKING, Leen; PLUSQUIN, Michelle; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionA1
52022Lupus, DNA Methylation, and Air Pollution: A Malicious TriadRASKING, Leen; Roelens, Céline; SPRANGERS, Ben; Thienpont, Bernard; NAWROT, Tim; De Vusser, KatrienJournal ContributionA2
62022Early life exposure to residential green space impacts cognitive functioning in children aged 4 to 6 yearsDOCKX, Yinthe; BIJNENS, Esmee; LUYTEN, Leen; PEUSENS, Martien; PROVOST, Eline; RASKING, Leen; SLEURS, Hanne; HOGERVORST, Janneke; PLUSQUIN, Michelle; CASAS RUIZ, Lidia; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionA1
72018Combustion-derived particles inhibit in vitro human lung fibroblast-mediated matrix remodelingBOVE, Hannelore; DEVOGHT, Jens; RASKING, Leen; PETERS, Martijn; SLENDERS, Eli; Roeffaers, Maarten; Jorge-Penas, Alvaro; Van Oosterwyck, Hans; AMELOOT, MarcelJournal ContributionA1
82018White-light from soot: closing the gap in the diagnostic marketBOVE, Hannelore; Steuwe, Christian; SAENEN, Nelly; RASKING, Leen; NAWROT, Tim; Roeffaers, Maarten; AMELOOT, MarcelProceedings PaperC1