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12022Oncostatin M triggers brain inflammation by compromising blood-brain barrier integrityHERMANS, Doryssa ; HOUBEN, Evelien ; BAETEN, Paulien ; Slaets, Helena; JANSSENS, Kris ; HOEKS, Cindy ; HOSSEINKHANI, Baharak ; DURAN, Gayel ; BORMANS, Seppe ; Gowing, Elizabeth; Hoornaert , Chloe; BECKERS, Lien ; Fung, Wing Ka; Schroten, Horst; Ishikawa, Hiroshi; FRAUSSEN, Judith ; THOELEN, Ronald ; de Vries, Helga E.; Kooij, Gijs; Zandee, Stephanie; Prat, Alexandre; HELLINGS, Niels ; BROUX, Bieke Journal ContributionA1
22021Circulating immune profile changes reflect memory immune responses in spinal cord injury patientsFRAUSSEN, Judith ; BECKERS, Lien ; Geelen, Charlotte C. Van Laake; Depreitere, Bart; Deckers , Jens; Peuskens, Dieter; SOMERS, Veerle Journal ContributionM
32021IgD-CD27-double negative (DN) B cells of multiple sclerosis patients are mature memory cells that can migrate towards pro-inflammatory chemokinesBECKERS, Lien ; MONTES DIAZ, Gwendoline ; Maria Villar, Luisa; VAN WIJMEERSCH, Bart ; POPESCU, Veronica ; SOMERS, Veerle ; FRAUSSEN, Judith Journal ContributionM
42021Characterisation of the innate and adaptive immune system after ocrelizumab treatment in multiple sclerosisBECKERS, Lien ; BAETEN, Paulien ; SWINNEN, Dries ; HAMAD, Ibrahim ; Tavernier, S.; VAN WIJMEERSCH, Bart ; POPESCU, Veronica ; KLEINEWIETFELD, Markus ; BROUX, Bieke ; FRAUSSEN, Judith ; SOMERS, Veerle Journal ContributionM
52019Phenotypic and Ig Repertoire Analyses Indicate a Common Origin of IgD-CD27- Double Negative B Cells in Healthy Individuals and Multiple Sclerosis PatientsFRAUSSEN, Judith ; Marquez, Susanna; Takata, Kazushiro; BECKERS, Lien ; MONTES DIAZ, Gwendoline ; Zografou, Chrysoula; VAN WIJMEERSCH, Bart ; Villar, Luisa M.; O'Connor, Kevin C.; Kleinstein, Steven H.; SOMERS, Veerle Journal ContributionA1
62019IgD(-)CD27(-) double negative B cells of multiple sclerosis patients have a pro-inflammatory migratory phenotype and functionBECKERS, Lien ; Diaz, G. Montes; Villar, L. M.; VAN WIJMEERSCH, Bart ; SOMERS, Veerle ; FRAUSSEN, Judith Journal ContributionM
72018Home-based bimanual training based on motor learning principles in children with unilateral cerebral palsy and their parents (the COAD-study): rationale and protocolsSchnackers, Marlous; BECKERS, Lien ; Janssen-Potten, Yvonne; Aarts, Pauline; RAMECKERS, Eugene ; van der Burg, Jan; de Groot, Imelda; Smeets, Rob; Geurts, Sander; Steenbergen, BertJournal ContributionA1