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Title: Activated carbon from co-pyrolysis of particle board and melamine (urea) formaldehyde resin: a techno-economic evaluation
Authors: VANREPPELEN, Kenny 
CARLEER, Robert 
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: ELSEVIER
Source: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 172(2-3). p. 835-846
Abstract: The disposal and environmental problems associated with waste resin produced during the production of melamine (urea) formaldehyde and wood waste (i.e. particle board) containing these aminoplasts requires a processing technique which results in products of added value and which meets both ecological and economical needs. Several published results demonstrate that nitrogen incorporation in activated carbon can play a significant role as a key parameter for the adsorption properties, as well as for the catalytical activity and the dispersion of carbon supported catalysts. The production of high value nitrogenised activated carbon, after thermal treatment in an oxygen deficient environment and subsequent activation, is considered as a possible opportunity. This research paper investigates the feasibility of a process design for the production of a high added value nitrogenised activated carbon by co-pyrolysing a mix of particle board and melamine (urea) formaldehyde waste. A process design and an economical model for estimating the total capital investment, the production costs, the possible revenues, the net present value and the internal rate of return is developed based on various literature sources. In addition, Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis has been carried out to determine the importance of the main input variables on the net present value. It is assumed that the manufacturing facility obtains its waste from various sources and operates continuously during 7000 hours a year. The study investigates the plant’s profitability in function of processing rate and mixing ratio. Even though the current assumptions rather start from a pessimistic scenario (e.g. a zero gate fee for the melamine (urea) formaldehyde waste, a first plant cost, etc.) encouraging results for a profitable production of activated carbon are obtained. Moreover, the ability to reuse two waste streams and possible production of a specialty carbon enhances the value or usefulness of the activated carbon manufacturing facility.
Keywords: Pyrolysis, Activated carbon, Economics, Particle Board, Melamine Formaldehyde
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ISSN: 1385-8947
e-ISSN: 1873-3212
DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2011.06.071
ISI #: 000295387100028
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
Validations: ecoom 2012
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